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Ghosts of Okinawa


Brigade Commander
Okinawa, October 31st, 1991 – Halloween.

3rd Reconnaissance Battalion is undergoing land navigation training in Okinawa’s Northern Training Area (NTA).

“Can I help you Lieutenant?”​

“Yeah, Top. I just finished the course. Your training NCO, Cpl Jones, said that if I wanted to go back out and do another card, I needed to see you. He says he’s issued all of his course cards.”​

“Well, I’ve got one card left.”​

“But it’s too hard for you, Sir. It’s in the toughest part of NTA.”​

“C’mon Master Sergeant Smith, I can do these courses in my sleep. You’ll be running the exercise for another six hours.”​

“Well, I dunno, Lieutenant…we haven’t let anybody do that part of the course in a long, long time.”​

“There’s a lot of old mama-san tales about that part of the island.”​

“Top – give me that card.”​

“Aye, aye, Sir.”​

“…But you better keep your head out of you’re a$$ out there, Sir. It’s tough country.”

“Geez – these coordinates are out there. Finally, a course that’ll be challenging. What part of NTA is this last box in? I’m not familiar with that area.”​

“It’s on your map, Lieutenant Stark. But if you can find that box, I’ll be amazed.”​

“Why’s that?”​

“I helped build that course when I was a PFC in 1964. The war hadn’t been over for all that long back then – only 19 years – there were plenty of old salts around that still remembered it. …Rumor had it, that that coordinate is the very spot where the Jap Marines made their last stand of the war. I was on the detail that planted that box. The area gave me the creeps. Back in the 70’s, two Marines disappeared trying to find that box…The locals say the area is haunted…”​

“Ooooh – and today is Halloween. Top, you’ve got to stay away from that saki with the habu snake in it. I’ll find your box – and I’ll bring it back to you.”​

“Good luck, Lieutenant – you’re gonna need it.”​

“…alright – last box. Top wasn’t kidding about the terrain, this has been a challenging card. ”​

“The jungle here sure is disorienting. Everything looks kinda dead, too. OK, I must be here.”​

“Just shoot my next azimuth....”​

“…eighty seven, eighty eight …The box should be just ahead….man the jungle just feels like it’s closing in all around you here…”​

“Ah ha!..that looks like a box up ahead…Top Smith has got to stay out of the local bars…heh, heh…”​

“…there it is, last one – Zulu 13…”​

“What the…!?! Hey, where’d it go?”​

“What’s goin’ on with my compass? The dial is just spinning. Man, this jungle sure is getting dark and thick....”​

[low whisper] :aaaooo….Maaarrriiiinne…..yyyooouuu…dddiiieee…

“What was that?”​

“ah…there’s that box – up there.”

[low whisper] ….wwaaar not over….​

“Hey! I know I just saw it!”

[low whisper] ….banzzzaaaiii!!!….

“What IS that!?!”​

“Zulu 13 - There’s that box!”​

“Hey, what’s that on the ground behind it?...”

[low whisper] :aaaooo….Maaarrriiiinne…..yyyooouuu…dddiiieee…

“Maybe there was something to what Top Smith said. This place is givin’ me the creeps…”​

“What’s goin’ on!?! “

[louder] ….wwaaar…not... over… Maaarrriiiinne… yyyooouuu…dddiiieee…​

“What the…???”

[louder] ….wwaaar…not... over… Maaarrriiiinne… yyyooouuu…dddiiieee!!!​

[loud wailing] ….banzzzaaaiii!!!…. ….wwaaar…not... over… Maaarrriiiinne… yyyooouuu…dddiiieee!!!

“This can’t be happening!!”​

[loud wailing] ….banzzzaaaiii!!!…. ….wwaaar…not... over… Maaarrriiiinne… yyyooouuu…dddiiieee!!!

…wwaaar…not... over… Maaarrriiiinne… yyyooouuu…dddiiieee!!!


“Top Smith, how many people do I still have out on the land nav course?”​

“Just one, Skipper – Lt. Stark”.​

“Huh? He finished hours ago, just a few minutes before I did.”

“Yessir, but he came in and demanded to get a more challenging course card.”​

“…What was his last box?”

“…Zulu 13…”​

“…wwaaar…not... over…”​

Thanks, guys! :mrgreen:

It's just a stupid little comic book story, but it did take a lot of time and effort to get the pics the way I wanted them. Glad you enjoyed it, and took the time to post comments. I sincerely appreciate it.
broadsword6";p="59969 said:
Neat story! You should post it over at Fantasynet.com. I'm sure it would be welcomed! :D

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the tip about Fantasynet.com. I'm busy enough with the two boards that I already post on, and doubt that I would visit often enough to bother with registering. Feel free to post a link there to this thread if you like.
Broadsword - Hey thanks! I do like some scifi/fantasy genres but 1/6 scale military figures are utilizing 90% of my shelf space these days. It is fun, now and then, when I can incorporate the two themes. :D

Stupid Little Comic book story!? I love Comic book Stories!
A fantastic job you did here with this story and Dio. I usually won't wait that long for a picture story to load (Yes 56k phone connection) But I was captivated and just had to find out what was going to happen.

Your ghost scence were like nothing I have ever seen! absoultely fantastic effects!

cool stuff indeed!

Fall Out!