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toyrific 08-11-2008 10:16 AM

Axis Munition Boxes & Rounds Part 2 (88 Flak/Panther)
Hi Guys

Hope you found Part 1 interesting. Here is Part 2 covering the 88 mm Flak 18-36-37 and Panther.

The 88 mm Flak had over 25 different rounds which will not be covered here. I will just deal with the boxes and a couple of the rounds.

88 mm Flak 18-36-37 Munition Boxes and Containers.
Box type 1. Three Round Wicker Container.
When I first made the prototype/master of the three round wicker container I had not finished fully researching it and I got it wrong. I first posted it here in Oct 2006. Shortly after the posting I found out that I had made a mistake and put it's release on hold until a new master could be made. About three months later CH released their version of the basket, German Ammo Set 1. Funny how they made the same mistake I did. The mistake is in the wood posts the hold the wickerwork. In my prototype/master I had these evenly spaced, as did CH. The real one as you will see from the following pictures the center wickerwork is wider than to two outside ones. Coincidence or copy. At that time I was also not aware the this wicker container was for the 88 mm Flak and not used for Tiger 1 rounds and never mentioned it in my post. CH release of the sets shows a Tiger 1 in the background which is misleading and proves they did not research very well, otherwise there should have been a 88 mm Flak as a background picture.

To see my original post go to:
Link:88 mm Three Round Wicket Container

CH German Ammo Set 1
My prototype/master. Which will hold both HE and AP rounds.

Now for the real ones.

Box type 1. Three Round Wicker Container with center wood posts on outside. Note the center wickerwork is wider.
With 88 mm HE Round, not the container is as long as the round, which means the shorter AP round will fit into it as in the wooden boxes for the Tiger 1 an 2.
88 mm Flak with wicker containers.
88 mm Wicker Containers stacked for use, note there is a round wicker container in the pile. I have no information on this, but they were used.
A big stack of containers

Box type 2. Three Round Wicker Container without wood posts on the outside.

Box type 3. Three Round Wood Box with end lid.
With HE Round
Box end view showing rounds. Note sure which rounds these are but they do have a different primer from that used on the Tiger 1.
Three Round Wood Boxes stacked for use.

Box type 4. Single Round Metal Container.
88 mm Flak's in action with discarded metal containers.
My offering of the metal container. Note my design will hold the HE and AP rounds.

Box type 5. Another type of Single Round Metal Container.

Wicker Container Dump and dead horse. Lots of types, maybe a dump for pickup to recycle.


Box type 1. Two Round Box with hinged lid.
With two AP rounds I think.
Panther AP Round.
Box type 2. Single Round Metal Container.
Distroyed Panther with round laying in front of it.

That's it for part 2. Part 3 coming up covering the Panzer IV, Stug III and Stug IV.

Hope your all holding out okey, it's a long read, think how long it to to do it.


Loke666 08-11-2008 10:46 AM


Especially the Panther ammo part has interest for me!!
Will you ever be offering Panther shells?

There are pictures of both the HE shell Sprgr. 42 and the Pzgr. 39/42 on page 125 in "Germanys Panther tank, The quest for combat supremacy" by Thomas L Jentz ISBN 0-88740-812-5


toyrific 08-11-2008 11:48 AM

Hi Henrik

I have about 2 gigs of pictures and information on all 75 mm and 88 mm tank ammunition that I have gathered over the last few years. Depending on how the highly detailed 88 mm HE round is received (sales that is) I will produce more ammunition in the future for the Tiger 2, Panther, Panzer IV (both long and short barrels), Stug III, Stug IV and others. The bottom line is if I can sell it I will make it. But to make these in metal is costly and minimum production runs are high. Therefore unless I can sell these in the 100's I cannot afford to make them. This Tiger 1 AP round sold very well and if I can reach those numbers for other rounds I will make them. However there is most likely between 500 to 600 6 scale Tiger 1's in the hands of collectors/hobbyists. I do not think any other tank has those numbers.


k ration 08-11-2008 08:20 PM

a very good read,great photos, :!:

Loke666 08-12-2008 05:33 AM

Hi Mike

Thanks for the info - I won't argue about numbers on 1/6 tanks as I have no idea - both plasticpanzers and Panzerwerks sells Panthers - as well as the metal Panthers from Armortek, Mark-one-tanks and so on - But I don't know how many was sold over the past few years.
One the other hand the FOA Tiger have proberly boosted the number of Tigers.
But my guess is that the Panther is the second most sold 1/6 tank (not counting the Stuart).

Anyway I understand you thoughts - no need to produce anything that doesn't sell - I'll just wait and hope.

C'mon guys - buy some tiger rounds! LOL


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