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gunfighter 04-17-2013 02:17 AM

6th Scale Dragon & Hasbro Jeep Accuracy
I am in the process of adding RC to a Hasbro Keep. This is not as easy as I expected if you want the suspension to work. In the process, I set the Dragon 6th scale jeep next to the Hasbro to discover the Dragon is larger and more scale appearing. I am assuming the Dragon is more correct as a 6th scale model?
it also appears to be more capable of adding suspension and drive gear.

I am open to any comments as I like the looks of the Hasbro as well as the Dragon even though it is in pieces at this point. The 6th scale troops seem to be fine for both.

I know tanks are the big topic here, but we need Jeeps too and Kubelvagons.

geppetto2 04-17-2013 02:53 AM

Re: 6th Scale Dragon & Hasbro Jeep Accuracy
I am a fan of the Hasbro jeeps and think that they have the diminitive size that looks good with the current troops in my collection. I do like the look of the Dragon jeeps tho as the undercarriage makes it more appealing for the eye. With the cost of the Dragon kits and the price of current Hasbro aftermarket prices I would go for the Dragon kit and work from there. Good luck and look forward to seeing your work here on the SAG.

Jeff (Geppetto)

Rolling Thunder Tech 04-17-2013 08:11 AM

Re: 6th Scale Dragon & Hasbro Jeep Accuracy
There were a number of jeep conversions to R/C that were documented on this forum, with links to youtube showing them running. As I recall, some were two wheel drive and there was at least one that was four wheel drive. The links also listed the parts they used for conversion. You should be able to find them with the Search command.


pangaloss 04-17-2013 02:44 PM

Re: 6th Scale Dragon & Hasbro Jeep Accuracy
Hasbro jeeps are a little under scale, however, they are also very durable.
The Dragon models jeep is more in scale and more accurate looking. I've seen some really great RC conversions of both. If you're going to RC the DML jeep you will need to re enforce it. As was mentioned by Leonard, you will find some tips and builds on the board. Good luck and be sure to post what ever you come up with. I'm also a big fan of the jeeps and kubels and other soft skin vehicles.


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