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Brave Rifles 01-20-2008 06:19 PM

Aussie Staff Sergeant, Iraq.
Nowhere near a 100% correct, as there isn't much out there in the way of Digger gear. Can't find the vest that is closest to theirs, so went with the one I had. A private purchase I suppose.

The chest rig ,known as the Peace Keeper according to some pics i found on the net , has been repainted in a "field expedient" camo job. Just like I have seen pics of the real guys doing with some of their kit. Boots are not exactly Digger issue either , but figured that it is plausible for US boots to be acquired at some point.

The helmet cover is a very clunky attempt at one. Works for now, and might give it a go again for another planned Digger.

Hope you like, and corrective criticisms always welcome. Thanks.


mp1stshirt 01-20-2008 06:40 PM

Works for me Mike. Is that a Steyr? Field expedient always works.


Der Faust 01-20-2008 07:04 PM

Cool figure! :!:

USMCPrice 01-20-2008 09:43 PM

I love it, great bash!

I've got a lot of respect for the Aussies, I went through Special Forces school with a bunch of Australian SAS dudes. The hardest men I've ever served with.

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