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Re: Ultimate Soldier box art prints

That topic actually came up during the interviews. Apparently it's a general industry rule that the artists and designers for product packaging don't get credited on the product. (It's too-valuable marketing real estate!)

However, 21c did break this rule for the Mad Bomber box art. The illustration for the front cover was created by a 21c R&D guy, and they requested that credit be given. So that illustrator, and the graphic designer from Creative Resolutions, Jeff Blosch, who did the design and box flap illustration, were credited on the box.

Mr. Blosch told me an interesting story about the Mad Bomber packaging when I interviewed him. I plan to get this interview up on my website soon. Will note here when it goes live!

I've put together a complete checklist of 21st Century Toy's Ultimate Soldier line. Check it out if you have a sec:
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