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Re: SS Spiess, wearing a pea-dot tunic

Originally Posted by Sourdoh View Post
There are numerous photos showing all types of insignia being worn, but during the period of the first question, the troops were told to subdue their uniforms while in combat. When they were on leave they were supposed to wear the official Walking Out Uniform, but many men wanted to portray a "saltier" more veteran-of-battle look, so they tarted up their camo tunics to impress. The Panzer troops shown are not wearing StandardTunics, but Wraparound Tunics. Plus the stylish Panzer guys could pretty much get away with anything as far as uniforms went. Some unit commanders were more strict as far as uniform regulations were concerned, while others let their guys do what they wanted to boost morale. Well-known "Super Star" tank commanders were encouraged to stand out and "look the part", so to speak.

Reading your long ago post got me thinking, could this ever have been possible...could an nco and tank commander in the LSSAH modify his uniform by adding the white border tressen from the regular grey uniform?
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