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Hi All

Didn't get as far as I had wanted to this weekend, which is actually kind of usual. For the engine compartment, I used the supplied hinges with screws and nuts instead of rivets.

This just screams for an engine. Maybe a future project, unless one of the resin wizards like Panzerwerks or Armorguy comes up with one.

The kit has the plate that the crew compartment seats are mounted to. These two plates, one right and one left are laser cut and are hanging on with a couple of tabs, to the main crew compartment frame. The instruction shows the piece being removed, which then leaves it floating without an attachment. I've talked to Randy about this and he is modifying the instructions to state not to break the plates off at the tabs. I went one further, after having broken the tabs and decided to buy some additional hinges so that the plates can be hinged like with the full sized vehicle. I also cut the plates in two, like the full size. The break is about where the end of the fuel tanks are, so there will be two seats on the plate closer to the drive compartment, and a plate with three seats closer to the rear of the vehicle. I used rivets to hold the hinges in place. Since I located the plates to rest on the lower frame, it was necessary to place spacers for the rear of the hinges where they are riveted to the vehicle, so that the plates will then lay flat.

When the storage compartments are open, you can see right through to the top of the chassis frame, so I used some of the scrap metal to make a floor for the compartments. For strength, I located these to rest on the chasis, although they should actually be mounted about an eigth of an inch higher, but that would require making tabs or supports for the bottom storage compartment plate.

Also, in the photo below, it can be seen that I took a piece of scrap metal and made the brace that is about the midpoint of the gun rack area, behind the seats, and spans to the hull of the vehicle. Tack welded this is place, although JB Weld or similar would work just fine. Since I did use a welder for the construction, it can be seen that I also had to do a bit of grinding on the welds. The typical kit that is riveted together will not have all the ginding marks that I have on this build.

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