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Re: Hasbro RC Jeep wheel adapters?

That's a nice jeep, war related or not. I'm about ready to paint my kubelwagen RC conversion, and am wanting to redo the wheels. Last night I got it all put together and did a test run and the wheels had a little bit of a wobble. The RC axles I used have a 12mm hex, so if i figure something out I'll let you know gunfighter. For my KDF Typ 87 that will use a 1/6 Herbie Beetle body I'll be using probably the same RC chassis that I used in my kubel, but will be sourcing the wheels and tires from RC4wd. I've found a tire there that is a close match to the Schwimmwagen and Type 87 tire, but will have to cosmetically modify some of the RC4wd aluminum or beadlock wheels.

And welcome to the Sixth Army Group and the hobby!

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