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To The Victor Go The Spoils

To The Victor Go The Spoils

The 75th Anniversary of the German surrender, 8 May, 1945.


(The Buckeye Boys (Almost) Blitz'ed Berlin!)

A Couple of Notes:

1. This is my fourth and final 75th anniversary post (1. Remagen, 2. Operation Varsity, 3. The Meeting at the Elbe). Wish I had started in 2019 to capture all the amazing moments in WWII history that occurred 75 years ago that year in 1944, but we do what we can.

2. The 83rd Infantry Division is a "local" division to me as I'm in Ohio. They have a well designed patch (Ohio in yellow, spelled out inside of the O, on a black triangle - look it up!).

3. The 83rd Infantry Division and the 2nd Armored Division were stopped about 50 miles short of Berlin around Magdeburg, Germany, in the middle of April, 1945, by Eisenhower. There's a good Mark Felton YouTube video about it (link below):

"Say Cheese!" - The Lieutenant

Corporal Francis DeWitt of Cincinnati, Ohio, drunk on power (or perhaps just champagne), appoints himself temporary acting Generalfeldmarschall of the 83rd Infantry Division based on how much loot he's acquired.

Is it still sabrage if you do it with a M-1 Garand bayonet?

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