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Links to Tutorials...

I'm new to the 6" figure community, so I need tutorials to give me
ideas and a hints how to make the figure look good. So far I have'nt
found that many on the web. So I thought we could post links to
good tutorial sites.

I know there is some tutorials on this forum, but some of them can't
get the photos to work, so they pretty much worthless to me.

So feel free to post links here.

I'll start with three links...

Plastic in to nice looking wood:

How to paint a sculpt - 01:

How to paint a sculpt - 02:

Im from Sweden, so my english may not be perfect. But hey, try
to speak my language if you can:
"Ni är alla välkommna på kräftskiva hemma hos mig. Hembränt och
sockerdricka bjuder jag på. Välkommen, om du kan läsa detta såklart?"

Seriously, I really need some help with those links.
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