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Re: SAG 14th Anniversary - and announcement

One thing I do not understand is that although I do go to facebook, I don't see it as a replacement of a true 1/6 forum.
I see it as a complement to sharing the 1/6 hobby with a larger audience.
Been copying my posts in the OSW and found that the earlier posts have lost their photo links. In some cases I still save the written post as in the early days I used to do a lot of research to find a time and place for my bashes.
I recommend anyone that needs to get their posts or other info here, does it sooner better than later. You never know how a change might affect the information posted.

I know nothing of the technical information of these forums, but if reducing the amount of information in the threads would help, then I believe we could all work around having all posts made 10 years ago be purged.
I'm also willing to pitch in to keep the forum going.
I like the format of this forum, can't say the same of the Sixth Division new format...
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