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OK This is what you do............

Welcome to the Army Groups second annual halloween bash, this Is a place to post your Wierd war-esque gory gruesome halloween horror figure/dio's. This Isn't for the faint of heart so beware kid's. Only guidline's here are; It has to theamed around WW2, Horror, and Halloween. Be creative, be tasty, and make it juicy. Have fun, and remember, Enjoy

You come up with your most twisted halloween bash, and post It by October 31st, guidline's are pretty basic, they're listed above, pretty much a free for all as long as It's; WW2, Gruesome, and totaly off the wall Be tasty, make It juicy, but leave the politic's out of this. This Is for fun, and for all to enjoy. So show some respect, and show your bash's. let the fun begin

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