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Re: Fields of Armor / Loic Anthian

So, I fired off an email to Loic on June 26th 2018:
‘Hey Loic,

Been a while since I heard from you and just checking in to see who things are going on. Got the summer newsletter and saw the Flak 36 Commission, which came out of left field since all the corresponds above show that mine was next in the docket after completion of the Panthers (one of the Panthers were completed back in March and you were still working on the M.A.N. Disc Pattern on the other), and no info was mention on the Pz.IV commission that said it was coming this summer in the Spring Newsletter so are we standing here?’

I didn’t hear anything back from him so after a couple of days I figured it was time that I reached out to other sources that were familiar with FOA. At their request I’m keeping those conversations private. Needless to say, it put up my alarm bells. So, I sent Loic a PM on SAG and FB Messenger where he replied back that the commission was 80% completed and that the Panther commission was completed as well as the Flak 36 commission.

On August 29th 2018 towards the end summer I sent the following email:
‘ Hey loic,

So what's the status on this project? Almost been a year so far and I haven't seen anything yet on progress in fact I've been the one chasing you around on this which is the complete opposite on the last built where you were on the ball sending either monthly or bi-monthly emails with pictures. Last time I heard from you was the beginning of July after the Fourth and you stated it was approximately 70% completed and was moving along fast with your people working full time during the summer.

So I would like to see pictures on this since its 70% completed as of the beginning of July and should be nearing completion by now.


PS: This is also going to go out at SAG and FB Messenger.’

I didn’t get a reply back from Loic until September 13th 2018 asking me some final questions about the project and that they were working on the tank full time.
Just that you understand where I’m heading on your kit buildup:

FOA is making the Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J late a NEW product. That means we are making new masters for the exhausts, new muzzle brake, and other parts that were offered on the Ausf.J version. We are helped by Heiko from Germany who make this marvelous upgrade of the Armortek kit on SAG

So timing-wise, I’m expecting your kit to be ready around late October/November range’.

On September 19th 2018 I got a reply that he hardly goes onto SAG and email would be better. (I constantly check his status page and he usually comes on once or twice a week)
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