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Re: Fields of Armor / Loic Anthian

Again, I waited yet again until the end of November and still nothing. No information. No updates. No Photos. Nothing. So, I reached out to Randy here and started to converse with him on this. He agreed that I was showing great patience with him and I stated that we worked together in the past and everything was fine until this time around. He stated that I should call him out on the Forums and the FB Groups, but I was still willing to give Loic some more time and reach out to him one more time. On November 26th 2019 I sent him yet another email and heard nothing.

Growing impatient I tried FB Messenger and Got the following reply:
‘ Peter, I sent you an email about 2 weeks ago about this. Basically, the builder is no more with us, and I have an employee that will take care of your tank full time next week. I want to deliver this kit before Christmas. It is close to complete, but still require finishing’.

For the record I can take a screenshot of my correspondents with Loic to show that I never received an email from him regarding this. I said okay and that I’ll check back in a few weeks. Christmas came and still nothing so I messaged him again on Christmas Eve regarding the matter and yes, this time, my patience was at an end:
‘ So obviously this delivery before Christmas isn't going to happen. To be quite frank, I'm getting quite tired of this endless runaround. Since July 7th this kit has been 70% competed. FB pics were suppose to be posted (never happened), two and half months later it would be competed by end of November (didn't happened) and now done by Christmas (Merry Christmas...still nothing). So what happened?’

And quickly got this reply:
‘Ok, that's why we should not communicate via FB, I don't have the database here, and it seems we got a mix up. I have another order/customer with a fully built/commission Panzer IV Ausf.J. So yours is FIRST because it's the first order. Aaron is working on it today full time. We have taken a lot of items off the kit as it was not accurate. But this is a two-days job now, the issue is the painting which I intend to deal with after Christmas... so if you can be patient for another week, I can ship that tank. But it's probably best you communicate via email’.

What? Another commission on the very same tank (first I heard of it) and yes mine was suppose to be the first so who were you communicating with and saying that one of them was suppose to be done by Christmas if not mine? And you just stated above mine was first so whose commission was supposed to be done first???

Started a new email thread on my gmail account with my order # at the top for information purposes. Last message was on December 24th 2019 stated that the tank would be finished over the holidays.

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