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Re: Fields of Armor / Loic Anthian

And now here we are, middle of January and last email was sent on January 9th 2020 and haven’t received anything from him. I never asked for him to take anything off the tank because it’s inaccurate. I never asked for it to be historical accurate. He was on SAG yesterday at 0700 hrs (whatever time zone that the forums are on). I tried calling FOA today and just went to voice mail, I was basically speechless that I sounded like a stuttering idiot while leaving the message to the point where my frustration level finally had enough and I just told him to check his email and we'll go from there. Here is my last message I sent to him regarding this:


You asked for my patience on finishing this up back on December 24th 2019. You stated that this would be finished up over the holidays. Time and time again excuse, after excuse, after excuse. Delay, after delay. Promise after promise. I paid you $1401.50 down payment for this with a turnaround time of six months which now was morphed into sixteen months. You stated back in the July of 2019 that it was 80% completed even after completion of two other commissions (one of which I can only assume you took on after mine judging from the information that I've obtain to push one of your new kits and then happily started to say contact me when others started to ask about commissioning you for one on the FOA Build Page FB Group). Then it was about getting new and improve parts for it. Then again nothing. When I finally got ahold of you, you stated by Christmas and when that didn't happen and I messaged you about it now suddenly you have two Panzer IVs commissioned and mine was FIRST (your words, not mine)! If mine was first but you got the orders mixed up, then who the hell were you promising to deliver the Panzer IV Commission to if mine was supposable to be first? You stated you emailed me regarding said matters, you never did and I have all email correspondences with you saved.

Back on the 24th of December in your email you stated and I quote 'Aaron is working on it today full time.' You've said that repeatedly since July of last year! If this item has been worked on full time since then I'd be expecting a full-size running Panzer IV to come down my street to be delivered. You also stated and I quote 'We have taken a lot of items off the kit as it was not accurate'. I didn't ask for you to make a historical correct Panzer IV Ausf J, all I ask for was for a Panzer IV Ausf J 1/6 model with the parts that I ordered. Do I get a refund on all the parts you took off?

To be honest and completely frank with you, I don't even believe you anymore. I don't believe you or your people have been working on this full time. I don't believe that this project is 80% completed. In fact, I don't think this has even started. Why? Because I've asked for pictures time and time again only to be met with either silence from you, ignored my request, or misdirected my inquiry. Well here is the fact of the matter, its over; the delays, the excuses, the misdirection, everything.

I've been patient beyond patient and if this is how you treat a paying customer, and a repeat customer at that, then we'll let the chips lie we're they fall. I only got $1401.50 to lose, which isn't a laughing matter, but you got much more to lose than me: to start the complete lack of trust, faith, and reputation with the community that you depend on to purchase your products to start with (I've been in this hobby since 1998 when I came across 21st Century Products and been posting online since then starting on Green Leader's Board. I am still an active member on OSW, Sixth Division, SAG, Armed Figures Forum, and countless FB Groups. I've seen firsthand what happens when word gets out about a person/vendor/company in this community that conducts less than respectable business practices towards members of this community. Steel Dragons ring a bell with you to name one), not to mention Utah Criminal Penal Code 76-6-412(c), and violation of established FTC policies and statures.

So, this is where we stand and you can choose where we go from here:
A.) On the next reply show me concrete proof that this project has progressed to the level you stated. You got a cell phone, take it out, snap a few pictures, and send them. From there you can either
1.) Complete the project within a week's time frame. Crate it and give me the final tally with accompanying pictures to show completion.
2.) Don't finish it, give me the shipping cost and send it. Once received I'll verify what has been done and what hasn't and then pay you for what I determine that you did accomplish and finish what hasn't
And when it does ship it better be well packaged, tied out, and braced. No cutting corners. No 'F-this-guy'. Your reputation and that of your company's, as I stated, is on the line.

B.) Refund me the total amount that I paid. PayPal Transaction ID #1CE07081Y41954408 no later than COB Friday January 17th 2020 and we go our separate ways never to do business again.

C.) Blow off this email and I will pursue my civil and legal course of actions.

The ball is in your court. It’s now time for you decide.

Peter Klementowski Jr’

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