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Re: Fields of Armor / Loic Anthian

Well just an update on the situation with Loic/FOA. We agreed to a deadline by Feb 5th 2020, but there was a problem in fitting the skirts since the dimensions were off. I asked if this was going to interfere with the original deadline. Here is his reply:

Loic Anthian

Thu, Jan 23, 5:03 PM

I don’t think we will need much more time. I’ve been trying to “free” Aaron more by hiring a new employee on the FOA side (and on Kitlinx side too), but it’s still ‘a work in progress’. Not easy to find good hands for this specific job when unemployment is at 2% in Utah.

However, Aaron has mostly solved the skirts. I’ve attached few more pics. You ordered TWO Bosch lights, but the Ausf.J only has ONE, so we were thinking of giving you an extra 6SI accessories to make that up, which you did not order

See photos. Aaron is back at it tomorrow – The ‘late’ exhaust is the next step. You can see that you already have the two pipes, but the wall are too thick and I’d like to get the thinner wall and put some details INSIDE IT. After that, I think it’s all painting/weathering

I will need about one day to copy all dimensions for the skirts and the change in the brackets, because we are making the Ausf.J a NEW RELEASE.

He did send two photos that I've attached below:

Well on the 7th of Feb when I didn't hear from him I sent an email about how the progress is going and this is what I got back:

Loic Anthian

Feb 7, 2020, 11:23 AM (13 days ago)

You tank is 100% completed. I’m painting it myself NOW. I’ll post pics on FB and you can follow it. It’s gorgeous
It’s shipping next week as soon as I get approval from the pics

Two weeks later and nothing so I just sent an email today so waiting to hear back from him now on the status and will update.
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