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Here are a few:

Sixty Driver's HS repaint

Realistic 2 day beard by Pvt Mcleod

US helmet tutorial

I suggest using a translator site for the following Be-com links. I use babblefish, but the pictures are kinda self explanatory =)
Wrinkles, ect. I use this a lot and its rather easy


Feet/boot technique

I LOVE this how-to for weathering and realistic weathering

Groundwork/base tutorials

Desert base

Cool muddy base (I've tried this with success)

How to repaint realistic eyes by Boot25

How to make lace up boots

Mud tutorial

Always wanted to add "real" =)

I hope this helps. I'm sure I have more, buts it's getting late and this is all I could think up off the top of my head. If I find anything else, I'll post more =) Hope this is enough, and have fun!
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