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Project - Wehrmacht horsepower - Field kitchen

G'day all,

Well hot off the heels (or hooves in this case), the planning for the next scene begins. As stated earlier, the first three vignettes pertaining to the over-arching diorama theme of German Army mobility during World War Two covers their predominant use of the horse and with the Panzerschreck carts packed-away I'm now putting together all that is necessary for a scene I've been keen to assemble in some years...a horse-drawn Hf.11 bzw. Hf.13 large field kitchen (Feldkuche or more affectionately known by the troops as 'Gulaschkanone') with associated limber Vorderwagen.

Picking out a couple of horses to draw the wagens was easy, scratch-building the harnesses probably not so but looking forward to giving it a go regardless (thanks 'Dutchman' for the pics in the last thread as they'll definitely come in handy reference for this one).

I'm in two minds about how to pose it...whether I have a couple of catering crew in the driver's bench seat giving the impression the wagen is on the move or having the wagen stopped momentarily with one of the cook's dishing out from the kettle pot to a couple of soldaten whilst the driver keeps the horses calm with a feed bag. Options aplenty which will no doubt become more cemented the further progress on this one is made. The wagens will get a complete workover as usual (circa France 1940) and the wherewithal of the cooks stowed nicely.

The model field kitchen is all-metal with wooden wheels, I can't for the life of me remember who produced it but I bought it back in 2012. Unfortunately my CHE field kitchen had a badly damaged undercarriage (due largely to the weight of the polystone on the wheels when displayed for a long period), this subsequently became part of the mobile field kitchen (placed in the back of a Protze truck) for the 2014 'Blitzkrieg' diorama. This metal version no doubt more sturdier and hard-wearing for the task.

Enjoy, Steve
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