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Re: 1:6 scale fully interior structure Jagdpanther

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Wow another masterpiece. I cannot fathom completing something like this in 3 months. Even staying on this for 24hours a day, 7 days a week - would take me at least 3 years. I Love the camo paint work and interior details - the interior lights are superb. Really looks 1:1 with the combat lights inside. Superb job, like the Panther. Are they going to same collector?

Can you tell us what materials were used for hull? Wheels? Tracks?

Another favorite for me!

Brilliant job.
Thank you for your appreciation. The reason why this Jagdpanzer can be built faster is that I sold the Jagdpanzer made several years ago with the whole internal structure. This Jagdpanzer is based on FOA Jagdpanzer transformation, but in the transportation, it was damaged by the moving company, and the steel plate joint of the car body was broken, which is difficult to repair.I had to for the customer to make a new Jagdpanzer body, just my friend snail has finished Jagdpanzer body modeling 3 d model, so I recycle FOA Jagdpanzer 40% of the parts (mainly the internal structural parts), another 60% of the parts I rely mainly on the 3 d modeling and 3 d printing is completed, this progress is fast, the body is to use laser cutting acrylic plate production, the wheels use the wheels of the FOA, my panther tanks all steel wheels using the 3 d modeling, PLA material printing,the Jagdpanzer I intend to use the standard under the road wheel, modeling a wheel,A sample was printed with photosensitive material, and now the work of turning over 32 wheels has been completed. As for the caterpillar track, snail modeled a caterpillar track and sent it to the factory for mold manufacturing. About 1200 caterpillar tracks were made, which is enough for 6 Panther tanks
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