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I am building the first kit as a static vehicle per the instructions, which are being updated with my input. Randy has been great to work with and has been incorporating all of my suggestions, except for the one about free kits, which I was kidding about anyways.

I will then build a second kit as an R/C upgrade. This will take a little work as the front suspension on the static kit does not allow for the wheels to pivot but are on fixed axles. I have not added the guide teeth to the track, so I do not know yet if it will last for use as a powered vehicle. Also, from past experience, resin made drive sprockets do not last when used in an R/C vehicle, so I may need to ask Randy if machined or cast ones could be produced and sold as upgrades. May have to wait until a third party produces these.

The other option is to produce the R/C version using a non realistic drive sprocket and track. We have a lot of sets of the 21st century 1/9th scale Abrams track and drive sprockets. This track is four inches wide so it could be used, and with a face lift on the drive sprocket, there is a chance of this being a low cost alternative for an R/C vehicle. I do have this opinion that a vehicle is not quite complete until it's R/C'd.

I would like to see what Mulezilla comes up with.

Also, I would also think that it will not be long before third party companies such as Armorpax and Sixth Icons has parts and accessories available. The scale metal tread plates comes to mind as a nice addition for the crew compartment floors. Would also like to see the rear mounted fold down storage racks.

After all of the work and time that I've put into the FOA line and the custom tanks in the past, I do not foresee us (RTT) producing upgrade kits. The desire is there, but then I get into the mode of spending all my time making parts for others, and no time to work on or complete my own projects.

Anyways, for the M16 AAA version (Which my dad commanded C Company 50th AAA in Korea), it would be necessary to modify the side and rear panels for the fold down required for the quad 50's. This would be a difficult mod for the avereage builder, being able to cut the side and rear panels straight enough without warping or bending them too much. I would suggest that Randy consider having a modification kit, with the panel cut by laser and be replacement parts to the kit.

To Armorpax: hey's the quads progressing?

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