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There is enough scrap metal in the kit to make a few add ons, such as the armor shield for the 50 cal heavy machine gun ring above the right front side of the driver's compartment. This turns the M3 into the M3A1 version. Randy said that he may offer an accessory kit for this conversion.

Not evident in this photo is that I purchased a few hundred 2-56 x 1/8" screws to insert into all of the premade, precut holes. Humm. since they were laser cut, are they considered to be pre-drilled? Don't know the right term to use for those, but there are a lot of them. The screws are not included with the kit although Randy is to stock them as an accessory. In the meantime I purchased them from an on line source called Small Parts,

Maybe if we all order from them, they will wonder what the sudden demand is for all of these tiny screws. I'm winding up with about a third of them finding hiding spots on the garage floor. Sneaky little things.

M16 Version Update: Also found in a couple of references that the M3 was field converted into the M16 quad 50 version, with the quad unit mounted on a raised base so the guns would clear the sidewalls, which were not hinged like with the factory made M16. This is a huge help as for my second build will be the M16 and I wasn't sure how to go about cutting the sidewalls accurately with the tools I have available. Dodged that bullet.


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