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Hey Guys thanks for all the feedback left above.

Well where to start for me, well I got into the hobby a little over ten years ago collecting 21st Century Toys and then made the job up to Dragon. I started off collecting modern and then caught the WWII bug, then got sick of it and went back to modern, and then caught the WWII bug and then it was off and now back to stay for my primary area of collecting interest balanced out with some modern and scifi/video game/movie figures here and there. So that pretty much explains the hobby portion.

As for the rest, well served 8 years in the US Army with three combat deployments to Iraq starting in March 2003 and the last one ending in Janurary 2009 a few months before I got out. Currently reside in Camillus, NY and dream of someday having my own place where I can host get togethers from fellow collectors in the frozen Northeast to come together for photoshoots and BBQ while swapping items and stories afterwards.

As for WWII history, both my grandfathers and a lot of my uncles served in the military both in the Army, Navy, and Marines and only about ten years ago did I start learning more of what they did from stories my grandmother would tell me about my grandfather or his brothers. I talked to one of my uncles who was a PLT Tank Commander in 4th Armored Division who had five tanks shot out around him from tangling with various German Panzers. I'm a pretty much self proclaimed WWII history buff that tries to learn as much as possible from the time era either watching movies, reseraching, or reading various books on the time period. I'm also a collector of vintage WWII firearms and have avrious examples of American and German firearms in my collection, my prize pieces being that of a functioning Sturmgewehr 44 and a 1942 Springfield M1 Garand Rifle.
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