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Re: 3-D Printing

I can only echo whats already been said. For high quality detail parts it is really hard to beat the Elegoo Mars and the ABS like resin. I love mine.

There are some tricks and techniques to getting really good prints. Suggest you watch YouTube videos from 3DPrintingPro. His videos are short and indispensable for getting support settings right and getting great prints. There are other's but his have been most helpful.

There are some other considerations:
1) My Goo is very sensitive to temperature changes. I print in a heated, closed off bedroom. I tried garage or even bedroom with window open and prints failed 100% of the time (come off build plate).

2) The ABS like resin is very strong, prints very reliably with super details - but it is stinky. You need to have heated place to close off when printing. I'm going to try the water washable Elegoo resin next.

3) You need alcohol to clean the parts unless you use water wash resin. This is a bit of a mess and alcohol is hard to get. Try the water washables first.

4) You can download models and STL from Thingyverse, GrabCAd and CGtrader, but there is no substitute to being able to model your own parts. I think Fusion 360 is the best out there for free/less money. It can also slice and develop G-code for machining parts (learning curves for all). But it is really good for what you get.

5) Using vendors for printing parts is a good way too. I use Shapeways for structural printed parts. They are not cheap but the quality is very high. It is difficult to print high end plastics like Nylon and metals on home printers. But Shapeways can do both for reasonable prices. You have to have a .STL model in order to use these services.

6) With any printer there is a slicing software needed. There is a bit of learning curve with this as well. Chitubox comes with the Elegoo and is overall really good. I've made a lot of parts and it slices and prepares the files really well. All of my fails have been setup related (not model or slicing issues). Chitubox latest versions (1.6.x) are very crashy. It crashes constantly. I find the best version is 1.5. Its stable. There are other slicers (Cura and Prusaslicer) are both popular.

7) Resin printing is sensitive to cleanliness, dust, UV light etc. You have to clean build plate, vat etc pretty well and often - esp when learning. If you have a print fail you must clean out the vat of the cured bits which is a pain. Now I hardly ever have a failure so I don't clean out resin from vat that often. You have to clean build plate every print.

There is a learning curve for all the above especially if you are not an engineer or technical person. But none is hard with patience and practice. There are tons of YouTube videos for everything printing, so dive in!

Good luck! -Bob

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