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I need some help

Im not sure if I should have posted this here or in the ground pounders section so forgive me. I need some help from you guys. Im looking for a head that looks like Clint Walker. Posey from the Dirty Dozen. I have a couple of the guys from the movie and I have no luck on this one. No idea what sculpt might look like his or one thats close to it. I checked the famous figures site and they had one but it was more Arnold the govenator than walker. So I ask for your help and combined wisdom. Any suggestions would be great. Any leads better and anyone with a head that looks like him for trade let me know.
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That's a tough one snake. Clint Walker has the sort of large square jawed look like a typical super hero. I had a look through my troops and the closest I could find was the US figure who came with a raincoat. Was that Corey? He has thick sculpted hair and his features are close though he does lack the big jaw.
Clint Walker was/is a pretty big man as well. You should use a taller body like one of the Side Show bodies or one of the DML Foot Ball player bodies. The DML foot ball player body would be perfect as not only is it taller, it's also more muscular.

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