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Near Miss Off Topic, Humor and Subjects not Relevant to 1:6 WWII

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Will 1/6 Modelers ever be accepted by the smaller scale modelers

Seems like we're still the redheaded step-child of the scale modelers. Case in point, I work with an older gentleman who does a lot of 1/35 models and we always have great conversions about our projects. When I informed him of the scale I work in, he gave me a weird look and stated that was a big scale to be working in and then inquired on how big where the models. He was impressed by the photos of the various vehicles I've done in the past (and still working on - DML US M4A3 Sherman w/ upgraded parts from ECA). He was so impressed that he asked me to email him the photos so he could share with the rest of his modeling group. I obliged and he included me in the message. Half the replies were in praise and amazement on the sheer size and the rest was the usual 'playing with toys' , 'that doesn't take much skill working on that sheer scale' , and 'not a real modeler' . I know we've all face it but this hobby has been around for awhile now (23 years in current form) and we've come a long way since the GI Joe/Hasbro Days. Seems like we'll always be the outcast when it comes to the scale modeler groups even although some pieces could easily be displayed in museums. Hell some of those here, and elsewhere, have been hired to do exactly that.
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Re: Will 1/6 Modelers ever be accepted by the smaller scale modelers

Were doing it wrong if these guys can get $85k for some of their work:
Not a Toy: Why People Pay 5 Figures for Insanely Detailed Models of Their Favorite Cars. Maybe Ill switch to 1:8 scale and get rich.

I run into this crap in reenacting all the time with the regular militaria collectors. Were just dressing up in costumes & playing army to them. When I buy things like field phones, I ask functional questions & get crap like its got the dirty birds right there. Ive coiled/unwound kilometers of wire & used the things yet they treat their version of the hobby as pure and Im just an uneducated nut to them.

This goes on in every hobby. Well never change their perspectives if they want to be crotchety and stubborn. Theyll only see it from their subjective point of view. I try to be open minded but I know there are hobbies Im just as guilty of looking at the same way. I recognize it & try to be more open minded but I still make ridiculous judgements.
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Re: Will 1/6 Modelers ever be accepted by the smaller scale modelers

Yea I run into this too, and it does happen in probably every hobby. Have had comments like "Oh you work in doll scale" concerning 1/6th scale. I do find this to be the minority and find that most are impressed with the detail available in our work.

Also fly RC planes, mostly WWII scale aircraft. There is a guy at the field that calls planes "planks". To be fair there are plane guys that have derogatory terms for helicopters.

I bet this also comes up in Train groups when comparing scales., just a guess tho.

Sometimes I feel that this is a tribal thing.

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Re: Will 1/6 Modelers ever be accepted by the smaller scale modelers

The "real model builders" are not wrong at all. they build a tank or whatever trying to make everything look in scale, counting the rivets and after all look good they glue it on a diorama and save it all under a acrylic glass dome. in our hobby some guys, a very small minority and real masters btw do the same, they mod the body, gear and the clothing and glue it to a perfect statue.

but to be fair, the majority in our hobby are kitbashers or out of the box collectors, this is not comparable to a model builder. 1/6th model building is a very small niche of the action figure hobby and of course for 1:35 rivet counters we are all childish nerd playing with some superhero figures.

for me this is ok, iam a kid of the 80s and back then i play with my he-man and turtles figures. today i collect WW2 US stuff and somethimes i have to change the uniform, gear and weapons. put them on a tank or a jeep or put them in a group to make a small scene for a photostory ( sounds like playing!) a unmovable statue is useless for this, this is a job for a actionfigure.

so dont care what the "real modeler" say, just care about what the "childish action figure nerds" think about it
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Kev Longino
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Re: Will 1/6 Modelers ever be accepted by the smaller scale modelers

Kelly - when I was a kid I had masses of 1/35 and 1/72 moulded plastic soldiers which I painted and played with. Does that mean that the 1/35 modellers you are talking about are just playing too? The point of the OP here is that those guys are discounting the 1/6 scratchbuild and customised vehicles that are in far, far greater modelled detail than they will ever be able to create just because of the scale and the availability of action figures to go with them. Two can play at that game
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