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Tarawa "The Victor"

Here is my depiction of a US Marine on Tarawa. I wanted to depeict him being near or almost at the end of that historic battle. I wanted him to have some "bounty" which he may have accumulated after and or during the battle. I have always found those old pacific theater pictures of marines holding and showing off the "souvineers" they found to be pretty eerie stuff! Just wondering the stories behind how they got it?? Anyways, I had decided to use a Tony Barton HS, BGT camo uni, and DiD accessories except for the weapons. I used a Dml Tommy gun, Dml katana sword and BBi japanese rifle. I wish more of the big boys of this hobby as depicted in the 1/6th masterpiece book would do a few marines for us. Can you imagine a couple of jarheads from the big boys of the hobby?? Maybe this can be a challenge to those guys?? LOL. Any critiscisms of this figure would be greatly appreciated as that is why I post my work in the hopes of getting a little better over time. Thanks gents!

budro 65

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Great fig. A collector I know acctully has a skull from a dead Japanese soldier. Now thats creepy!
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You've got a lot of charcter and texture in this one. Extrordinary work on the wood grain. Life like in gun paints. A gritty piece.
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Great job, Budro!
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