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Fw-190 pilot-France, May, 1944

Hello all...
Although I prefer to model Allied figures, I find myself needing an Axis figure every now and then...
In this case I wanted a pilot to display with a 1/72 scale Hasegawa Fw-190A-8 currently under construction (I prefer to display my 1/6 figures in conjuntion with a vehicle/plane/artillery piece affiliated with that figure...e.g. assault boat team soldier w/LCVP-Tank crew member w/tank-pilot w/plane, etc.)
Here is a Fw-190 A-8 pilot, France, May, 1944...
Still based near the coast, in almost daily combat with Allied aircraft-ranging from high altitude heavies from the 8th AF on the way, or, returning from missions deeper within the continent; medium bombers from the 9th AF 'softening up' the areas all along the coast of France in anticipation of the invasion; and fighters of the RAF, engaged in 'Rodeo' missions, 'sweeps' across the airfields along the coast, creating general 'havoc' and enticing the German fighters to 'come up and play'...
Thanks for looking,

DML body
DML 'Arthur Barnes' HS
BBi light blue LW bouse
BBi 'channel trousers'
Toys City 'Fallschirmjager officer' leather jacket
DML leather gloves (Eugen Kroh)
BBi LW life vest
NLM LW aircrew flight boots
One sixth Unique LW M43 cap
BBI flare gun and flares
Toys City 'silk' scarf

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Nice bash!
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I'm not sure what it is but this figure really stands out to me!

I like the clean simplicity of this figure.

Great work!
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