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Kampfgruppe Edelweiss Discussion of Historical Information Related to German Ground Forces in WWII. Hosted by Gebirgsjäger Historian and Collector Patrick Kiser (Heeresbergführer)

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Edelweiss Patch Question......

Heeresbergführer or anyone else with an idea,
I want to make my Stiener figure into an Gebirgsjager.
My problem is with the 3 tank destoyer badges.
I was to keep all 3 of them on the sleeve but they are in the way of the Edelwiess patch.
Do I put the patch over the badges? On the shoulder? Or do I lower the badges further down the sleeve and put the patch where they are?
I have not seen a picture that would help so I really need help on this one.
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Grüß Di' Bergkameraden,

The Tank Destruction badges go above the sleeve Edelweiss. I'm looking at my Steiner tunic...I think it would be best to remove the 3rd badge (the lowest one) and move it to the top of the other 2 badges, then put the sleeve Edelweiss where the 3rd badge was.

Here are a couple of photos of GJ with a single Tank Destruction badge...other TD badges would go up to the shoulder....up to 4...then they would be replaced with a gold TD badge on 5th victory.

Gebirgsjägers vor!
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Thank you very much Patrick, that answers a question I was wondering about too.
I guess ultimately the rule of thumb is: awards will take presedence over badges of appointment.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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Marcus Wendel
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Really nice photos of gebirgsjäger there, thanks for sharing those.

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