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Diorama Accessories?

I am new to the 1:6 diorama hobby. I have built model buildings in my profession (1:12 scale architectural presentations). however, I am having a little trouble finding some 1:6 scale accessories. Where can I purchase street scene items such as: street lamps, street signs, building signs, wood fencing, power or telephone poles, and park benches? Also, doors and windows; are they custom made or can be purchased? I am open for any suggestions. Thank you!
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Welcome aboard!

You can buy some of that stuff in kits made by CyberHobby (aka CH). You can buy direct from them, but a lot of folks buy CH items off of the secondary market.

For the things that you mention, though, most folks who want those items build their own from scratch.
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Armor Abteilung
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You will usually find that scratch building the items is your best bet. You can buy some stuff from manufacturers but I would also check some of the hobby stores for some items too.
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Old 06-16-2007, 05:43 PM   #4
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Welcome to the hobby. Your experience in architectural models will serve you well, since there isn't a lot of "purpose built" items such as you describe.

Buildings are non-existent, I suppose because they are just too large. Mostly we make our own, out of foam for indoor use, or various building materials like patio stones, poured cement etc for outdoor.

Streetlamps can be found with Christmas decor here:

Cyber Hobby have released some European style utility poles. Check it out here:
Search for product no. 71302 (utility pole) or 71294 (signs). You will have to join up and log in to see the prices. Also they're in Hong Kong so expect to pay plenty and wait a long time for shipping.

At Good Stuff to Go you can get a wide variety of road signs of both WWII and Iraq vintage. Go here: for the road signs and here for some other useful diorama supplies like ladders, bricks, sandbags and ammo crates.

I find that the cost of buying ready made items adds up quickly, and as I get more into larger diorama's I've tried to make my own wherever possible.

I hope this helps.

Again, welcome aboard, and I hope to see some of your work soon.

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Old 06-16-2007, 06:21 PM   #5
Die Werkstatt
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I'll be offering a few items as well.

European concrete style power/telephone poles

Insulator kits

Slate roof tile molds

Terracotta roof caps

plus a books on hints and tips as well as where to find misc items

like in this project....

Rick Ivansek - Cave Creek, AZ
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Welcome to the board, Panzerwerks offers some diorama accessories, not sure if they still have them, but they use to offer doors and windows as well as a slew of other goodies. Your best bet, and especially with your experience would be to build the stuff yourself, and make sure before you make a purchase you research who you are buying from. Cyberhooby has had many problems in the past, and many just won't take the chance in dealing with them. For tips and tutorials on building different stuff check out the training center, many good tips and projects posted there.
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Old 06-16-2007, 06:27 PM   #7
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Just saw your post Rick, great stuff, nice to see you'll be making it available. Die Werkstatt offers some top quality product, have no worries in dealing with them or Panzerwerks
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What happened to good old GLORIA?
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For any and all paper items such as magazines, field guides, manuals, booklets, documents, posters, postcards, personal effects, and the best soldbuch (soldiers I.D. booklet) in the hobby, visit The 1/6 Diorama Depot.

Also available are wooden "wall" backdrops, and customized vehicles.
Thus my shameless plug...

The online store was closed for the spring but is reopening at the end of this month. Anyone is welcome to place an order before July 1st, but it will be filled after July 1st. Orders take about two or three weeks to process.
Paul Guinan
1/6 Diorama Depot
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