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Aerosan Assault - Russian GAZ-98 RF-8

G'day all,

Please refer to the above link regarding this update on the Project - 'Aerosan Assault' for the latest pics. With the German side of things out of the way, it's time to concentrate on the main players - the DML Russian GAZ RF-8 Aerosans (Aerosleds). These winter weapons were designed to go places that ordinary wheeled vehicles could not go in the snow-laden landscape of the Russian winter and though the Germans had experimented with them during the First World War they failed to grasp their usefulness in the Second (relying on captured Russian variants where found).

Made largely of aviation-grade plywood and fitted with a GAZ M1 Aero engine, the RF-8 was a fast and reliable machine that was used mainly in the recon role though also used to provide protection (by way of its front-mounted DT machine gun) for larger troop-carrying aerosans such as the NKL series. They were also known to ambush and assault if the situation warrants though this was not always recommended - best leave that to the heavier-armoured vehicle types.

And such is the planned layout of this diorama with three RF-8s appearing out of the distance and conducting a flanking assault on the slow-foot bound German infantry column. With only an armoured plate protecting the front of the tandem cockpit, the gunner/commander stands some chance however the same cannot be said of the driver/mechanic in the rear with only his skills and the speed of the vehicle providing any safeguard from German bullets.

For those not familiar with the Dragon Models Limited RF-8, it is not a hard build nor is it taking much to detail and weather. The most fragile parts are the propeller guard on the rear and for transport to the model and eventual storage, I've decided to not permanently affix them to the hull. The ski mounts and suspension mounting also need to handled carefully when moving. Detail is sparse also so I'll have to scratch-build the rear brakes and modify a Russian DP28 for the gunner (both missing from the model) as well as add the spare drum magazine rack to be fitted forward of the gunner under the front nose. Similar snow effects to those used on the Germans will be applied and the six crew figures are just waiting assembly. I've also given each some individuality by providing a slogan (name) on their left-hand side - this one stating 'For Stalin'. Enjoy, Steve
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Hammer's Africaners
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Re: Aerosan Assault - Russian GAZ-98 RF-8

Great stuff!
Got to love those Africaners
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Peter the painter
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Re: Aerosan Assault - Russian GAZ-98 RF-8

Great looking figures, posing and weathering are excellent.


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Re: Aerosan Assault - Russian GAZ-98 RF-8

G'day all, sorry it's been ages - lots going on which unfortunately has not involved 1/6th scale models. However, it's great to finally add to this particular post that I've completed the trio of RF-8 Aerosans. Has been many sporadic (and short) sessions in order to get them all to this stage (crews inbound) and has also been a tedious one. For anyone not too familiar with DML's model, it's a tad mundane. Additions required included the breaks on the rear skis, a DP-28 fashioned to resemble somewhat a DT-28 and the 10-drum magazine rack fixed forward below the gunner/commander's seat. Wire cabling was also used for the front headlight's power cable. Overall, though, will have a great impact as they charge towards the casualty-ridden German platoon though bullet holes in the side of one of the Aerosan ensures that not all is one-sided with the action diorama to be depicted. Now back on to the 'Achtung Jabo' diorama and more on that before the end of the week. Enjoy, Steve
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