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Your Thoughts on the Hobby Compared to Mine?

I just got an e-mail from a respected friend who feels that the hobby has taken a downturn lately in terms of hobbyists’ interest levels and in terms of being stuck in a rut of recycled figures, gear, and ideas. Pondering what he said, I thought I’d jot down a few of my observations and perceptions. I would venture to assume that I am not the only one thinking some of the following ideas.

1. I’ve been in this hobby for about ten years. I enjoy it now every bit as much now as when I first discovered my first 21st Century fallschirmjager back then.
2. I spend about the same amount of time researching figures and working on them as I ever have.
3. I spend time almost every day on the boards, usually not logged in, just reading posts and observing the beautiful and creative work of fellow hobbyists.
4. I am very hesitant to photograph and post my own figures on the boards because everything I do employs some technique picked up from someone else on line, only they do it better. Don’t want others to say, “OK, well, same old same old…” Would it be more fun anyway if we all posted photos, regardless of skill?
5. My collection was capped off at about 100 figures due to display space.
6. I spend more money on the hobby than I did back then, (a) because prices have risen and (b) because I now focus on quality of figures and accoutrements over quantity.
7. I have narrowed my interests to fewer types of figures for economical and display reasons. I usually end up doing somewhere between two and six figures representing variations on a topic of interest. Examples: four Luftwaffe types in North Africa, two U.S. Army combat medics in Italy, eight Pacific Marines, etc.
8. I spend more time and money upgrading figures to premium quality rather than trying to assemble totally new kitbashes. By this I mean buying NLM boots; BGT slings, pouches, uniform parts, etc.; DiD steel pots; and so forth.
9. I seldom buy boxed figures any more, even though I recognize they can be more economical if they provide enough spare parts for the kitbashes that would really interest me.
10. I’m going back slowly, but systematically, and attempting to do some weathering on figures that have stood parade ground pristine on my shelves for years. (Just finished weathering and improving a 7-year-old DML Zeke USMC figure yesterday. Fun!)
11. I buy some things that really impress me right now just in case the economics of the hobby influence manufacturers to get out of the military figures market. Examples include DiD M1 helmets, fabric web gear that already comes with good lift the dot fasteners (since CVI has not made them available recently), headsculpts with interesting potential, and random other bits.
12. I try to keep a lean spare parts bin. By that I mean I try to avoid having 30 old plastic and elastic pieces of the same old web gear.
13. I love WWII figures. American Civil War figures are about my only departure.
14. If every manufacturer of and dealer in 1:6 military figures were to totally shut down today, I’d have a tough time finding a hobby that would be so gratifying as this one has. But I’m sure I’d keep what I have on display and continue to relish the pleasure that this hobby has brought me. The main thing that I would miss would be the boards where I find people who enthusiastically share the joy that I find in this pastime. But my greatest sadness would be for people like Auggie at BGT, Brady at Monkey Depot, and the many others who have put their blood, sweat, tears, and money into making this hobby so pleasurable. I have no idea if this hobby will endure in strength for decades yet to come or whether it will fade in a few years, but for their sake and for ours, may it continue strong for a long, long time.

There’s my perspective. I invite yours.

Best regards,
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I couldn't agree with you more than if I had written the words myself!...
I understand that this and EVERY hobby, as well as any aspect of life, provides 'satisfaction' in direct proportion to the attitude of the individual...for whatever reason the hobbyist is 'in it'...
I've found that folks with 'sour' attitudes towards others, and life in general, tend to be the ones that 'sour' on the hobby (and anything else in 'life) and end up discontented...
it's not the 'hobby''s their attitude toward 'it' and life in general...
I'm in total agreement with you about the satisfaction I'm recieving in, not only this hobby...but in it progresses...
There is ALWAYS something 'new'...ALWAYS some new 'technique' to try...ALWAYS some 'upgrade' to perform on an existing 'collection'...
I'm of the mind...that, although everyone has an opinion, and is welcome to post it and share it publicly...
that, if one is Soooo dissatisfied with the 'hobby', the 'manufactureres', and the lack of their 'fullfillment' in it...perhaps they should pursue something else...and leave the negative attitude 'at the door'...
Unfortunately, the sad fact is, that with this general type of individual...another 'hobby' , generally, will also 'sour' in time for them...
it's all a matter of attitude!
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I echo your sentiments Gary, especially with regard to point 4! I recently posted a kitbash of a figure both here and on the Sixth Div. that i spent ages on , researching, weathering, upgrading with premium gear. I felt that it was one of my best efforts, however it got only one reply! As good as the masters work is and we all know who the really talented guys are, i sometimes feel that if their name isn't at the top of the post, other people's work is sometimes largely ignored. I think everyone has something special and unique to contribute to the boards regardless of their skill level and should be encouraged to do so and given credit for their efforts.
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I was a little hesitant to click on this post at first, but glad I did. I thought it might be another "the hobby is dead/dying" posts, but am pleased to find positive comments and attitudes. I agree with you both Gary and Bruce. Majorarchiegates I agree with you also. I must admit I missed your last post or I would've commented on it.

As far as my perspective on the hobby, it is alive and well, and I love it as much today as I did in the begining. I truly think it will live on for a long, long time!

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I too like Mark, was a bit reluctant to add to this topic, as I am slightly nervous about how my reply would be viewed. Although I must say though that you all have some very good points there, and I do agree about the general interest levels in this hobby, maybe because of the lack of new releases that could stir up any new interest. And at times I too find it hard to come up any new ideas for kitbashes, and now I am spending more time like you on the research and the more expensive pieces.

My interest in the hobby has personally been kept alive mainly by the website I have, and the many friends that I have made through it. Because if I may say that without the help of a lot of my fellow modellers, I would not have it. Although at times it has been a pain to keep up to date, but I feel that most of what is on there comes from even the smallest of other modellers ideas. Which I just combined with other's to get the figure's that I want. And as I have said before, I just seem to have a knack of 'borrowing' ideas and combining them to make my figures. But I have always made sure that I always give the full credit to the modellers concerned, as I feel that it is only fair to do that.

This then gives me a lot of satisfaction when I get fellow modellers contact me, asking about how I did this bit or that bit, as I then feel that all of the work has been worthwhile. And as I say everyone has something to offer to us all. Plus, I have also learnt a lot from the contact like this, because I have had modellers many times come up with a simple solution to a major problem I had. And I feel that this would be a very lonely hobby, if we did not have the forums like this to share ideas with.

This hobby is not an obsession... I can give it up at any time!
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lol...Gary...I think you just 'weighed in' on the view that it IS what you MAKE of it!...and I think you do a great job to inspire others!
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I agree with pretty much everything you've said Gary, although I've only been in the hobby for about 4 years. I find my interest ebbs and flows depending on what else is going on - work, family, other hobbies - but overall it's a strong if not stronger than ever.

I almost never buy boxed figures anymore. For me, the fun comes from customizing, kitbashing, and upgrading, as well as the research. These are all things I learned directly from the people on this and other forums, as I probably never would've thought of doing things like scratchbuilding webbing, or building 1/6 model buildings without the inspiration from others who are our pioneers and standard bearers.

I mostly work on my figures alone, and it's great to have this community to share my obsessions with!

I do think the hobby has been hit by the current economy, but looking at all the new releases coming out, it seems to be doing ok overall. Those who weather the storm will come out stronger in the end. I certainly hope the aftermarket suppliers like BGT, Toys City etc. and the parters (who I couldn't do without) continue to thrive.

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Great topic,

I agree with what you say. I agree with Bruce who once posted that everyone today has more choices in this hobby, with more choices the possiblity is endless to what one can do. I would say the the economy is a big part of it, and rising prices, but there are figures that are being release at a decent cost not all but some. For me I only collect Fallschirmjagers and if I only have the time to update or bash one figure then i'm happy. Bottom line for me is I think this hobby is what you make of it, if your happy improving your figures or just buying the next figure that's release, then you will always have this hobby it will never die, just my two cents.
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I'm with you on every point. I really think you've captured the escence of most of the active members of this board.
Regarding the comments about postings and remarks, I try to comment on as many posts as I can without sounding like a recording. I like to give meaningful input, but I'm not one to publicly critique. I appreciate every single post I see of folks work. (Well I guess there have been a couple of exceptions ) but seriously 99.99% are posts from folks in the hobby who just want to share how much fun they had, and that is the most important thing to me. This hobby makes me happy and my inner child very happy. Furthermore it brings me great satisfaction to know that all over the world there are people as wacky as I am.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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Excellent posts/comments by all.

My personal feeling is the more posts of work on a forum the better, whether they are done by the "masters" or a first attempt by someone or somewhere in between. I enjoy seeing them all. Like Tim above, it's nice to know that there are those who enjoy this 1:6 world as much as I do. I've met great folks from around the world through this hobby and it really makes it that much better.

I'm afraid I fall under the "broken record" category when it comes to commenting on work. This is simply because I like to keep it short and to the point. (unlike this post) LOL

I'm itching to attempt a figure, or a few but have some big vehicles on my plate at the moment. I have not bought a figure for some time(a year or more) as my collection became overwhelming and I thought for a moment my wife was right, I am nuts. I don't have the room to display them but I enjoy pulling them out every now and again knowing I have an endless supply of future figure projects if I want.

Like Krieger, I think the slow economy is having a direct affect on the hobby. At least I know this is the case with me. I'm hunkering down with what I have at the moment. I still enjoy the hobby as much as ever. I'm just not buying two of every figure I like as I did back in the day.

I am really glad this forum, and all those who participate on it, are there. I enjoy every bit of it.

Kind regards
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Brave Rifles
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4. I am very hesitant to photograph and post my own figures on the boards because everything I do employs some technique picked up from someone else on line, only they do it better. Don’t want others to say, “OK, well, same old same old…” Would it be more fun anyway if we all posted photos, regardless of skill?
Damn skippy, it would.

Seems to me the primary reason to having our boards in the first place. Same goes for the sharing of tips, techniques, and ideas. So there shouldn't be any need for you to feel guilty about using them, or less of a contributing member for not having the same skills as another. I know I have benefited from others ideas, and gladly so as they let me enjoy the outcome on my projects that much more.
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Hello all,
Like battlezone I thought this was gonna be another "the hobby is dead/dying" posts and almost did not read it.
I am one of those members that do not post thier figures because I cannot paint and all I do is kitbash. I love kitbashing more than buying boxed figures tho' I still buy them boxed.
I have been collecting since I first saw a 21st Century figure at Toys R Us and even tho' I do not have that figure any more I love the hobby as much now as I ever did.
This is the only forum I go to every day as I love seeing what is possible,tho' what Peter Shaw does borders on the impossible
I agree with you all that I do not like seeing so many of our members being 'sour' and complaining all the time about this or that. This is supposed to be fun at least it is for me and I hope it continues for years to come.
It is hard to find something in life that can bring you joy and this hobby does that for me,and talking to you all about the hobby only makes that joy grow.
So,thank you all for everything you do to make this hobby,and this forum so enjoyable.
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I have found a wealth of tips and help on the forums. I also share any ideas I come up with as well. If not for the forums I doubt I would have ever ventured into the world of 1/6th. When I first saw the 1/6th stuff I thought this isn't modeling it's just playing with dolls till I started to look at the forums at the research and work that goes into the figures etc. Sure not like the old days when GI Joe came out. Boy that was a long time ago when I saw GI Joe introduced for the first time, now I look back and think how corny it was all the figures had the same face and everything was so crude to what we have now.
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first question I have is where in florida are you?

Next I'll say this as someone that posts work here and on other forems:
You should not worry about posting pictures - in fact please do!

We all realize that there are those few that are what I would term as ahead of the rest of us in technique and skill but good idea's come from all angles. You're take is as important as anyone else's!

With taking pictures you'll find a whole new world of things that you'll need to know to get the results that you're after - trust me I know first hand.

That is I guess the idea of the hobby we are always striving to get "our" work wether it is a figure that needs to be updated or pictures that truely represent all the hard work we've given them to show up and be seen and appriciated by our contemporaries.

Lastly I think we are all guilty of...... How many posts have we opened and looked and thought ok,... nothing too speacial but I do see this and that the author has done and not commented at all on? I know I'm guilty...... something for all of us to work on, we should not just comment on the 1 or 2 most outstandinfg works

Jupiter, FL
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I agree with you all that I do not like seeing so many of our members being 'sour' and complaining all the time about this or that. This is supposed to be fun at least it is for me and I hope it continues for years to come.
Never understood the negativity that seems to hang over this hobby at times, and always wondered why those who are such, stick around. If it isn't something you enjoy anymore, go find another hobby that will. No need to poison it for others. I know of some good dudes who have been driven away by it all.

Lastly I think we are all guilty of...... How many posts have we opened and looked and thought ok,... nothing too speacial but I do see this and that the author has done and not commented at all on? I know I'm guilty...... something for all of us to work on, we should not just comment on the 1 or 2 most outstandinfg works
Ditto. Not so much that there is nothing "special" about it, just often pressed for time. But then again, I look at every post on this board, and spend a lot of time in doing so.
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I'm terribly guilty of not commenting on other's work...I try to do it more but fail miserably...I don't feel comfortable 'criticizing' others' work...(I have NO problem criticizing certain others' attitudes and behavior)...but I stay away from criticizing, good or bad, the actual work from the vast majority of posts...if someone asks a specific question about something historical or a technique...I usually 'chime' in...
I post to share techniques...and I usually don't judge my satisfaction with what I've posted based on the number of replies...
I can understand fishing for feedback though...and I'm guilty of not providing that a lot of times unless a 'specific' question is asked about something...
I'll try to do better.
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Great discussion and actually positive.Guilty of mostly lurking.Do very little with figures anymore.Usually buy them or bash them to crew or accompany vehicle projects.Have about a 4 or 5 year backlog of vehicle projects so my own posts are few and far between.I think the number of views says more than the number of replies.Like a lot of others I don't like to make "me too" posts.
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I have to say that I try to be upbeat about posting on here but I feel that I don't have the knowledge that others here have so I don't reply to all the posted works that I see here. (no negativity here) Sorry that I look but don't post as I as well feel that sometimes I am repeating myself over and over by replying. I look at this site everyday although I don't log in everyday. (Have to check this site when I wake up and before going to bed.) I do enjoy seeing what others have said and enjoy the freedom to post here that I do not see on some other boards. I myself love to see the works here and am not at the point that I am comfortable with posting my work as they are slow works in progress. Times are hard and I have to keep one eye on the hobby and one on the family so this is what is slowing me down. I will say this if I was to hit the lotto I would try to put a get together for the members here somewhere and help pay to get as many members as I can to show and get to meet face to face. The people that I have bought from or helped me in some way have made this hobby the great thing that it is for me. It is good to see some positive threads here and enjoy reading everyones post. Hope I didn't forget anything as it is late here so forgive me if I did. Thanks for reading. SHEP
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To put in my two cents: I started almost year ago with a DML figure and I have been having the time of my life with the hobby ever since. Even if every manufacturer closes down tomorrow and all the figs I would like to have dry up I am still thankful for what I have. Most of my gear is molded and most of the straps are elastic but I look at my figs and I think back to when I was a kid struggling with Adventure Team GI Joe when I wanted the war stuff like my older brother had and I look at my figs now and say to myself, "If I had had anyone of these guys, with the gear they have on, I would have been in heaven. Now I have over 30 of them." I love this forum and I enjoy the posts. There are guys who are doing stuff and have stuff that I can only dream about at this point, and that's OK. Yes, there is negativity and sometimes it may even come across as bashing but you know, if you go back and look at that person's posts, you'll find some good stuff there, too. Everyone gets carried away now and again but generally speaking everyone here is a pretty good egg about things. We all want to be heard. I too am afraid to post pics for my own reasons but that is going to have to change now that a certain Mr. Takanashi showed up at my door. So let me end this by saying thank you to all the people who contribute to this site. It's a great way to be involved in the hobby even if I have yet to meet anyone personally.
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I started collecting about 10 years ago and ever since then this hobby has become a part of my life that is fulfilling in so many ways. I've enjoyed watching the hobby progress and seeing the different manufacturers come up with new and exciting figures and vehicles. Even though our economy sometimes leaves less hobby money in our pockets for the next cool release that might cost a bit more than before it doesn't stop some of us from taking the plunge and buying new releases. Most of the time I've been really pleased with what I paid for. Some of the time I definitely didn't get what I paid for. I don't think I would be the first one to voice my opinion on that. I don't believe it is the etailers fault for charging said price because with a little research you can get the best price online within a range of a few dollars. Quality of delivered product or lack of quality usually warrants a negative response to the "hobby" and is followed by a hailstorm of harsh words and back and forth bickering from bruised egos. This is usually where we get off track and end up forgetting the whole thing and a the moderator jumps in and we talk about some other piece of work. I believe this frustration and negative energy arbormambo speaks of is usually a defense mechanism towards our hobby and hard work that we put into our pieces. I know I get defensive when people criticize my work and I'd want to bash some heads but that would defeat the purpose of a hobby that is enjoyable. Pleasure to some is buying the next great release. For others it might be working on projects or a kitbash figure that gives them equal if not greater satisfaction. We also end up making a few friends in the process and meeting like-minded freaks that lead us all to believe that we are not alone(thank God). I've learned more working in the medium of 1/6th WWII than I have in many other schools of training. If I could do it all again, I would have bought more and sooner!! I need a time machine!

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I check this forum every day along with OSD, but the majority of my time is spent here. All of the friendly people here and the great moderation make it the best place on the internet for members. It has kept me in the hobby for two plus years now (or is it three?) from the time I was collecting GI Joe to now when I have figures comparable to posts here on the forum.

Rarely do I ever let a post slip by without seeing it, and when I do it is not willingly. I have slowed down in the past year with my comments though.

I think that the main reason that I have slowed down posting here is because I got tired of repeating myself when I ran out of superlatives. I find nearly every single post I see each day to be interesting, but like I said...I don't know what to say anymore. Another thing is that I have virtually no knowledge in the area of historical accuracy when it comes to uniforms, gear, or weapons. I base every figure I make off of a single photo usually or a group of photos from a single source rather than doing extensive research.

Somebody else said something that I agree with completely, that is that the amount of views says more than the amount of posts. When I post a topic that is either finished or for everybody to see, I tend to look at how many hit’s the topic got instead of the posts (though I do appreciate them.)

Just so everybody knows, I admire all the work I see on this forum and just because I don't comment it doesn't mean I don't think it is great.

As for my interest in the hobby, it is no less or greater than it was when I got my first figure (Marcus the FLAK gunner.) Despite others complaints, I am not having much trouble finding what I need from e-tailers (and I am into allies only), there is an endless amount of possibilities for figures when you buy loose gear. And if you are so deep into this hobby that you have put together every figure you could with the supplies available, then why not take a stab at something new yourself. It is always worth a try if you want it badly enough….and if that first try fails then try again…and again until you get it how you would like it to be.

When you have made something yourself that you think is good then that is all the better because then you can have something to be proud of rather than saying “And this piece is DML/DID/BBI”

Finally, I've never posted pictures of my figures because I don't like the lighting my camera gets.....I can never seem to get it right no matter what I do. Others might feel the same way.

Wow, that was long.

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B Hellqvist
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Great subject, and many interesting posts. For my part, I've been a bit inactive in finishing the many projects I have in the works. If the 1/6 manufacturers were to go away tomorrow, I have projects to keep me occupied for a couple of years. This influence my buying, where I buy not as many boxed figures as a couple of years ago. Time and space is too limited, and I need to size down my collection - if I only could part with/part out some of the figures!

Originally Posted by HDHSVI";p=&quot View Post
Lastly I think we are all guilty of...... How many posts have we opened and looked and thought ok,... nothing too speacial but I do see this and that the author has done and not commented at all on? I know I'm guilty...... something for all of us to work on, we should not just comment on the 1 or 2 most outstandinfg works
Ditto. I try to comment on most figures I view. In a few cases, there are the guys who post every figure they own, inundating the forum with half a dozen posts each day with some bland kitbashes or stock figures (I think you know who I mean... someone who isn't a member any more). That is a sure way to get no comments.

Originally Posted by jackntbox";p=&quot View Post
I've learned more working in the medium of 1/6th WWII than I have in many other schools of training. If I could do it all again, I would have bought more and sooner!! I need a time machine!
Exactly! Researching figures in this scale is more demanding than, say 1/35, as every mistake gets so damn obvious. I've learned more about German and US uniforms than is really healthy. I was watching "Valkyrie" the other day, and "read" the German uniforms, noting Waffenfarbe, medals, cloth quality... (The movie is one of the best I've seen when it comes to correct uniforms, BTW.)

Originally Posted by Actionfigureman09";p=&quot View Post
Finally, I've never posted pictures of my figures because I don't like the lighting my camera gets.....I can never seem to get it right no matter what I do. Others might feel the same way.
A common mistake is to place the figure in too bright or too poor light. Direct sunlight or flash photography "kills" nuances and shades, while poor lighting makes the image grainy and losing detail. Indirect or subdued light is best, either on a lightly overcast day, or in light shade on a sunny day.

Going back to the original post, I've been afflicted with the "quality curse", where simplified detail and stock items don't cut it anymore. Sure, I use plenty of parts from stock figures, but once one has started out on the path with DiD M1 pots, boots with laces, cloth/metal/wood items, etc, it is impossible to turn back. That means that where one could bash a couple of figures each week a few years ago, the output has sunk to one figure per month or so...

I've found this hobby to be an excellent way to have a creative outlet for my WW2 interest. In the end, war is about the fate of individuals, and 1/6 figures let us see those individuals.
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I agree with most of the stuff written;

- I have been in the hobby for 10 years - and I can't feel the same as I did when I started out. Its not that it isn't as good as then - but its different. You can't go back.

- my own outlooks of the hobby has changed as well as the hobby has changed.

- I feel the hobby have gone over to more modelling than play/collecting. It has for me. 10 years ago my main interest was "what will the next figure be?" - now I don't care very much. My focus now is what I'm building myself and what I can learn from others.

- it would be more fun if more people posted their work - up to a certain point (not long ago a weirdo posted everything he did - remember?)

- I try to comment on the stuff I really like. But I won't praise stuff I don't dig - just to give praise to everybody.

- I do give surgestions - if I feel I have the knowlegde to do so - but I try to emphasize that its a surgestion - not find 5 faults!

- I don't "understand" in-the-box collectors - neither do I "understand" modellers who "freeze" their figures like statues - to me both are "figures" - without the "action".

- I like others have learned at lot over the years - and the bar is raised - I wouldn't dream of showing off a figure now - that I was very happy about 8 years ago. In some the raised bar is good - but in other ways it spoils some fun.

- Like other I have been very critical to some newer releases lately. That might stem from 3 things - some manufactores tend to release the same stuff over and over - they have stagnated. At the same time I and other have move "upwards" - plastic hats and plastic boots don't cut it with me anymore, neither does HS's that looks like Barbie and Ken. Also after having collected for 10 years - and with 200 figures + - a new boxed figure really have to offer somthing - to get my wallet open.

- I spend as much time on the hobby now as I did years ago - but its spend a bit different. I check out the forums every day - and often wonder if I don't "waste" too much time here. My other time is spend building stuff - I don't spend as much time on figures as I used to.

- Like other I have projects for the next decade - even if there wasn't released a single item ever. But I wonder what the hobby would be like if the manufactores collapsed - much of the discussion here is releated to new figures. Would the forums close if the manufactores did?
And would I continue if I felt all alone with this hobby? Would you?

Anyway I enjoy the hobby very much - my focus is just changed.
I predict that my focus will be on gear, wehicles, items and stuff - much more than on figures in the future.
I would rather spend money on upgrading what I have then buying more boxed stuff - with details that I find to be "under the current standard".

If everybody else felt that way - some manufactores had to either evolve very quickly or die - but there are still a lot of collectors who buy the new boxed figures - so I don't think there is any reasons for worrying.

This time is masters will lead us by the sword
And should we fail then all prevails in Odin's court
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Re: Your Thoughts on the Hobby Compared to Mine?

I think you hit the mark Gary!!!

I'm sure everybody has other factors, I know I do.

1) Not counting the original G.I. Joes I've been collecting figures since Hasbro came out with the "Classic Collection" line.

2) I actually spend more time doing research now then I did before.

3) ditto

4) After years of all of us posting photos it's hard coming up with something fresh. However, don't let that stop you from posting photos (you never know how you look, til you get your picture took!!!)

5) ditto on the available space.

6) I spend less now than I did a few years ago. Being retired (me and my wife) I do have to keep an eye on expenses.

7) ditto again. I keep telling myself I'm only going to do pilots, aircrew, and groundcrew (but I do stray now and then)

I must be one of the few that actually like some of the plastic stuff, especially helmets.

9) ditto, unless it's pilot types.

10) I keep saying I will, but so far haven't done it.

11) I don't buy stuff "just in case". The cottage industry has been around for a long time and IMO will continue to be there after the big boys are gone.

12) I'd like to, as well as thin my collection. But I can't see selling parts or an entire figure for next to nothing just because it's dated with plastic belts and helmets.

I have 5-6 vehicles that I'd like to sell, some of which are homemade, but I'm not going to "give them away" and the thought of trying to pack them so they arrive safely plus add on the shipping charges for a large, heavy item keeps me from doing it. I feel the blowout sales of 21C vehicles ruined it for a lot of people because now everyone wants to get something for nothing.

13) same here. I pre-ordered the BGT civil war confederate sailor uniform and this is one era that I will be upgrading in the future.

14) Like I said earlier, even if the big boys go away I think the "small fries" like Auggie (sorry Auggie ) will still be around. If anything I think the internet (can anybody remember when it wasn't around?) has done wonders for the industry by getting the word out.

Finally...I'm not getting any younger. I look around my "Joe" room and wonder what I'm going to do with all this stuff. If I could get rid of 75% of it without taking a huge loss I would and just concentrate on the things I really enjoy.

Do be shy about posting pix. I suck at posing figures and taking pictures, but that hasn't stopped me yet.
Smell The Plastic
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Glidah Drivah
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Excellent Post!!

I have to admit that I'm awful at commenting on others work; even excellent work. Part of this might be that it's a genre different than my own interests; partly because after several other posters have given highly positive comments; it's hard to come up with something new.

I lurked here for over a year before joining; and that was only because someone posted pics of figures that were similar to my own collection (WWII Navy) and there were questions on uniform accuracy. I'm quite glad I joined, beacuse it gave me the chance to "meet" all of you; and it allowed me to post pictures of my own collection.

One of the reasons that this hobby thrives is because it connects (military) history and modeling. I have to admit that my strength lies more with the former. One nice thing is that if you have a history of say 1:35 or 1:48 modeling, this helps in creating 1:6 masterpieces. If you don't have this background, you can still create a very nice figure. A few of us were hanging out about a week ago. The other two collectors had a background in model-making; and their respective collections reflect that. Both John and Ralph have phenomenal figures. I joked that I have a "50-50" collection. Restorers of antique cars use this term to describe a car that has been restored enough to look good either 50 feet away and/or going 50mph; but upon closer inspection, flaws quickly become evident. My collection is similar. I often use older gear (you wouldn't think 21st or SOTW left the business looking at my figs!! LOL) Most of my collection is of genres not covered by the major manufactures. Quite a bit of it is of the "Rear with the Gear" variety: U.S. and German Staff officers, Supply personnel, artillerymen, i.e. Most of my "fighting" units are PTO figures, and most 1:6 releases (at least recently, not counting DiD/3R's great new Japanese releases) seem to be of the "Germany and Her Enemies" view. I have several Navy and Marine figs; and there haven't been many releases of either recently. (Maybe the new DML Gear+ will be based on "Barney" or "Sonny." The thing is, I'd rather have my "50-50" kitbashed figures, than new ones; because a kitbash is my own creation. It is an aspect of history that I now have a replica of.
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k ration
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well i am like dubar in alot of ways. ( maybe not ) but i am here all most every day, ( oh him again ) i try to post something good at all times. and to most of the post here. me i am down to 6 figure and 1 half track ( still not done ) one figure from OD GREEN sometimes i will delete a post if i don't git a answer. ( no need to take up space ) still love this hobby tho.
back to fallout 3
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Thanks for your responses, guys. Not that I was bummed out before, but I do find what each of you had to say encouraging. Speaking for myself at least, a discussion like this gives me a healthy perspective on a key pastime in my life. Additionally, encouraged by what you all have said, I’ll look forward to trying to snap a few photos between rainshowers and sharing them here. Over all, I do want to say (and this has been my very real opinion for some time already) I believe this board to be one of the most consistently positive 1:6 forums that I’ve perused. Thanks for making my hobby even more enjoyable to me, friends!


PS: HDHSVI, I'm down in Miami. Howdy, neighbor!
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I think the hobby is in alright shape. It's changed a lot for me in the past 10 years or so since I first got into it.

I haven't bought a boxed figure in over a year. I find real enjoyment in bashing what I want to bash, because the manufacturers don't seem to be that interested in making the figures I want to model.

I also am annoyed that manufacturers don't seem to include full configurations of anything anymore. You're left to pick up loose parts to complete something (or at least I feel that way).

I also am a bit disappointed that manufacturers don't release things that kitbashers want. I think that carded sets, especially now in the economic times we're in, would sell better than they did in the past. Didn't the old GJ Joe figures use that kind of model - buy the accessory set and uniform pack, and then you can do whatever you like.

I understand that in Asia, German and Nazi things are extremely popular. I understand that German stuff will be produced in larger numbers than other figures. But this is where the carded sets can come into play.

I find lately that I don't bother posting pictures any more. When I put pictures up in the past, I got some good criticism on things that required changing, or ideas to help fully realize the figure. The last couple I put up I either deleted or got 1-2 comments. I feel (like others) that unless the guys who have a really good handle on posing, weathering, etc., post, it isn't good. My stuff doesn't hold a candle to their stuff. I'd like honest feedback (good or bad, and preferrably bad, since I need serious improvement) but don't get it.

I'm also bad with giving encouragement or criticism. I find that since I don't model German stuff I can't add to a discussion in any meaningful way, and when I do post an American or Canadian, that it's just not the same.

Don't get me wrong, I love updating figures that come from the box to add nice add-on stuff from NLM, BGT, custom stuff, and other people's stuff, but I don't seem to get the same level of enjoyment out of it. I guess because the US and Canadian stuff is pretty much all the same? I dunno.

Anyway, enough venting and ranting.

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If it makes you happy it can't be that bad... No wait that's a song. Sorry. I have to agree with some here. I think the hobby is fine and I enjoy it. Iam continually bashing some figures. Right now I am working on my 2nd Ranger unit and my Normandy paratrooper bashes. It's an escape. I write a lot and have self-published a book and have three finished manuscripts with some published short stories. There are days, when I just need to shut the writing aspect of my brain off and sit back and just relax. This hobby along with some of my most cherished sports memorabilia is it. I think the hobby has gotten bigger and better since I first started. Just think back to the G.I. Joes and how limited they were. Now we have at least half dozen major companies putting out figures. I also think 100 figures is my absolute limit as well. I haven't posted any of my figures because it seems like I am damn near retarded when it comes to doing so. But, I'll keep trying. In the mean time, I think the hobby is getting better all the time.
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You are not alone! I to like platic parts. I do not understand people who hate plastic pieces,the whole figure is plastic for crying out loud!
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