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Panzercommander HOH
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Luftwaffe Pilot's Leather Jacket Suggestions Needed

Hi all,

I want to kitbash this Hauptmann from the Osprey book Men-at-Arms No. 377: Luftwaffe Air & Ground Crew 1939-45:

Color Plate C1: Hauptmann, III./JG 77; Crimea, September 1941

The plate description says the jacket is "...a commercially acquired leather jacket of French origin..." - The book makes mention that commercial leather jackets (particularly French) were very popular with pilots - especially fighter pilots.

I've been trying to think of figures that came with leather jackets similar to this one. So far I've come up with Erich Hartmann, the Cyber Hobby Hans-Joachim Marseille, and the Toys City Luftwaffe Pilot set.

If anyone could recommend any other options I may have missed that would be great - especially if a customizer offers a version. Also - if you have personal experience with any of the leather jackets in question - feel free to weigh in with your opinion.

Finally - if anyone could point me in the direction of one of these jackets loose I would greatly appreciate it! (Or [shameless plug] if you have one - feel free to PM/e-mail me and we can discuss a deal!)


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Glidah Drivah
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Didn't DML release either an Italian or French tanker a few years back that came with a brown leather jacket? (Italian tanker uniforms were near copies to those worn by the French.) I think the name was something like "Serge Bernier." If you can find a site that parted him loose, that jacket is a possibility. Another possibility is modifying one of the US Navy/Airforce leather jackets that DML released several years back.

As an aside, in the French film "Army of Shadows" one of the senior French resistance leaders admonishes his (former Air Force pilot) brother for wearing a similar jacket. German security forces were more likely to stop and search someone wearing one.
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I don't think the Erich Hartmann jacket is like the one in the illustration. It doesn't have the two chest pockets, if I'm remembering it correctly. At least the one he is shown wearing in his "publicity" photos, is not the same.
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Erich Hartmann's Jacket had two zipper breast pockets and two flap pockets at the waist. if I remember correctly. I think other wise it looked pretty much like the one in the Osprey book. I think it would be pretty easy to just get some similar material and make the pocket flaps and cover the zippers.
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the Cyber Hobby Oberst Steiner had a jacket similar that. It has the 2 lower zipper pockets. You could put flaps on top if you know what you're doing. I have an extra one, if you want it.
Jacob Benicewicz
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Panzercommander HOH
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Thanks for the replies guys! I appreciate it!

Looking through the photos of the 1:6th versions out there I know that nothing is going to look 'exactly' like the jacket in the plate (unfortunately). However - I think I've got a lead on the Oberst Steiner jacket:

Thanks Jacob!


Thanks for the insight! I have Serge Bernier's jacket:

Model 1935 Brown/Havana Leather Jacket (Veste en cuir modèle 1935 de couleur havane):

It would have to be modified to make a suitable pilot's jacket - i.e. brought in to be made much tighter fitting to get in and out of a single seat cockpit.

It is, however, much different than the double breasted Italian tanker's leather jacket:

It is much more akin to Dragon’s Vassily Soviet Tanker Jacket (if someone added a leather cinch to it and modified the pockets):

If someone is looking to make a 1:6th Italian tanker...

I want to stay away from the USAAF/USN jackets because I want to make the Hauptmann work for the Battle of Britain.

It's been a long time since I've seen Army of Shadows and I forgot about that part... Now I want to re-watch it! But that will be counter-productive as it will just lead to a bunch of French resistance kitbashes!

Anyway - thanks for the input guys!


P.S. Jacob - PM sent! Thanks!
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