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Sme qstns abt Ron Volstad's Ramcke Brigade -updated wiv pic

I am currently working on my Ramcke Brigade and have looked for the 1/35th scale model kit figures of Ron Volstad's Ramcke Brigade. I needed the details of equipment which they wore and wanted to see the details of these FJs on the back of the model kit figures box.

However I have searched for this and found none at model shops and internet.

I have completed the leading NCO and almost finshed the last carrying FJ with the MG drums. I have drawn a couple of red circles which I have some questions.

First Question
Apart from the NCO, were these FJs carrying gas mask bags as I have marked it in red circles.

Second Question
If so, I have Dragon FJ gas mask bag (old version and new version) I have some considerably difficulty on fitting the gas mask bag on the third figure . He cannot carry the gas mask bag on his back due to Tragestell 39 with ammo boxes. He has moved his gas mask bag on the right hip, for comfort.

Therefore I am struggling to find an way to fit the gas mask bag on the right hip.

Can anyone advise me how to modify the gas mask bag and place it on the right hip?

Third Question
The Third figure, was he carrying a rifle as I have circled on the second circle from the left and noticed a rifle on the left hip. Was he carrying a rifle for back-up despite he has a luger pistol holster?

Fourth Question
The MG Drum Carrying FJ, He had some kind of support to carry the MG Drums, I need to know what kind of support he had? Leather strap or canvas straps? And how can I obtain these straps

Here is the additional photos of one of my current ramcke figures in progress.

The para gas mask bag is bit of a problem. This is a earlier Dragon version of Para gas bag and need to find out the correct arrangements for the gas bag adjusted on the right hip not on the back.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could answer four questions before I can show my Ramcke Brigade figures

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The detail circled on the figure 2nd from the left looks as if it may be a water bottle, the third figure from the left, the first detail circled looks as if it's the buttstock of his rifle, and the other looks as if it's the cloth pouch for the rifle grenade attachments. BBI released this pouch with one of their figures, can't remember the name, will try and take a pic for you later today. Can't quite make out the circled details of the last figure on the right, looks like he may have a waterbottle under his arm, and maybe the gasmask canister behind that, or the bottom of a dual spare barrel case? An interesting feature on the figure 3rd from left is his pack, looks as if he has a couple of ammo cans and the spare barrel case on some sort of packboard, possible the same as the new Anton figure?

Hopefully these observations will help to answer question #1

Question#2 I can't answer

Question #3 Yes, at least in that plate

Question #4 A leather or web strap, I've used the leather strap that comes with the MG sets for this purpose, there was also a strap that came with the MG team twinpack years ago.

Hope some of this helps
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