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German cap "Hat Cord" D.I.Y.

Hi guys...
I have a few German Caps, that I wanted to add Hat Cords "spice" them up a bit.

With Christmas to come soon, I had the idea to use ornament string from a Christmas tree decoration.

Items needed:
1/16 drill bit
German Cap
Ornament string
Mini Brads

Drill 2 holes just behind the visor ends, and centered in the hat band.
Insert the 2 Mini Brads (but don't bend over them yet).

Loop one end of the ornament string around 1st brad, and bend the tabs to hold it tight.
Tie a small knot just infront of that brad.
Next, bring the string (both strands) around the front of the hat, to the second brad. Tie another knot just infront of tis brad.
Last, tie one last knot around the brad, and bend the tabs on the brad over.

I cant find a pic of the exact pack of Mini Brads that I use, and I threw away my original pack.
However, Micheals crafts sell them 200ct for $2.50, MultiPack Black, Silver, Gold, Pewter... I will show a pic of the Pastel Mini brads, but you will want the "metallic" multi color pack.

I use these Mini Brads for EVERYTHING 1:6 !
German Shoulder boards (to get rid of the bulk caused by the DML nut & bolts)
The list goes on & on.

You can also use Gold Ornament String for American Civil War Hat Cords....but the "acorn" on the end is a bit tuff to get right.

I hope this tip will help a few of you out...
Good luck & let me know if you try it and like it.
M.A.S.S. = Mid Atlantic Sixth Scale

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Re: German cap "Hat Cord" D.I.Y.


I have just experimented with this excellent idea, i have found that the 3mm brads are just the right size for the shoulder boards on German uniforms.

I got them in the UK from a company called Fred Aldous - Mini Brads - Assorted Gloss Metallics - 200pk - Fred Aldous

On eBay - Mini Brads - Assorted Gloss Metallics - 200pk | eBay

With the colour of them i am not bothered with that, as i will most likely repaint the head with Gunmetal enamel paint.

This hobby is not an obsession... I can give it up at any time!
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Re: German cap "Hat Cord" D.I.Y.

Strap buttons were either field grey, aluminum, or gold color. Have never seen German buttons that were gunmetal
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