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#1: JP-Hobbies News Letter & Announcements! Author: panzersniperLocation: NEW JERSEY PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:50 am
~JP-Hobbies News Letter~

Coming soon DID's Hayden Christ & Karl Donitz
Coming soon Dragon's William (EOD Squad Leader)
Tim Wright, Wilhelm Engles & Bruno Schott
Coming soon restock Eddie Mac

New Announcements!

Sometime in October/November we are going to launch free shipping to U.S. customers & a coupon for Our International Customers. Here's how it will work. I will raise the Handling fee to 2.00 per order to help cover fees and packing supplies. You will receive free shipping on all items. Here's an example say you live in California shipping a box figure would cost anywhere from 11-17.00 depending on the weight now your saving 9-15 I don't think it's a bad trade off. International Customers will receive 5.00 coupon on orders 50.00 or more per order!

Please note the only time U.S. customers will have to pay for shipping is for Preorders. Here's why you will get a discount on the figure. Basically we will offer the figure at our Preorder price versus the normal price. International Buyers the Coupon will not be valid on Preorders as well.

Promotion will last as long as the Post Office Fees don't get way out of hand. So I can't say it will be forever....Any questions fell free to email or call me thanks!!

I know this doesn't pertain to everyone. Customers who pay with Check & Money Orders payments MUST be receive on the seventh day. On the eighth day the cart automatically put these items back into inventory if payment is not receive, what's happening is payments are showing up 9 even 14 days later so if the items are return and someone places an order with some of the items you order then there won't be enough parts to fill both orders.. If payment isn't receive on the 7th day your payment will be return to you and the order canceled. Sorry It's screwing up my inventory and I can't have that.

Last we can't not preorder loose parts from future releases, kindly don't ask, it's a one man show here and I don't want to screw up anyone's order thanks!

Thank You In Advance!!

Sixth Army Group -> Quartermaster Corps

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