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Metal Display Plaques for your Models

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:14 pm    Post subject: Metal Display Plaques for your Models Download Post Reply with quote

Hi Guys

You have all put a lot of work into your models and I believe both you and your models deserve recognition. Many of you exhibit your models at conventions and meetings. Why not have a embossed metal plate that tells people about the model you built. Plates will also enhance your models at home for family and friends.

These will be photo-etched on .020" nickel silver, available in several sizes to fit your needs and wallet. All you have to do is paint them (Explained later, very simple) and attach to a plaque of your choice. Many designs and sizes can be found in most trophy shops around the world in wood, marble, acrylic or plastic. Before ordering your plate, find the plaque you plan to use and order the plate to fit it.

As these are photo-etched and a one time piece, they may seem a little expensive, but they will require a one time used photographed artwork to produce. The photographed artwork actually cost more than the production of one sheet of photo-etched metal. If you order one plate I can sell you a second plate of the same design without changes for less.

Plate standard sizes and prices.
12" x 6" $125.00. Second plate $75.00
8" x 6" $95.00. Second plate $62.50
6" x 6" $75.00. Second plate $50.00
6" x 4" $50.00. Second plate $35.00
6" x 3" $40.00. Second plate $27.00
4" x 3" $30.00. Second plate $20.00
4" x 2" $25.00. Second plate $16.50

Design Fee Minimum $20.00. May be more depending on content.

Plate designed by me.
I can design the plate for you, all you need to do is select the size, border design and e-mail me the text you want on the plate. Please have someone proof read the text. I can spell check it, but cannot spell check any words other than English. I will design the plate and e-mail you a copy for proof reading. At this time you may make changes. I will then send you a second proof, if you decide to make more changes additional fees may be added, unless it is my mistake.

Design your own plate.
You can design your own plate, with your own border design and text font. Important you follow the design rules.
1. No text smaller than 18 point. Text should be in bold style. This is to ensure clear lettering on plate.
2. No lines thinner than .030"
3. No gray scale, artwork must be all black and white. Text, logos and borders in black.
4. Logos can be included if black and white. Note the black part of the logo is what will be embossed/raised.
5. Artwork size must be slightly under standard plate size to allow for photo-etch cutting. .030" all round is fine.
6. Artwork can be produced in any text/drawing program, but must be exported to Photoshop or similar program and saved as a tiff file at 600 dpi. Any other type of file will not import into my artwork production program. So no word, doc, rar, xl or pdf files.
7. Japanese, Chinese and similar languages are acceptable, but make sure they are correct as I will have no idea of the content.
8. Any shape or size is acceptable, but must fit into one of the standard size. You will be billed at the standard size your plate fits into. Maximum size I can produce is the 12" x 6" size.
9. Do not try to put to much text into design, make it easy to read. If you want to give a historical record. I recommend using two plates, one with the basic information and a second of the same size with the historical record.
10. All plate sizes can be vertical or horizontal design.

Here are a few samples of some of the standard sizes and basic border design. Borders will be thinner as plates get smaller.
8' x 6" Border design #1
6" x 3" Border design # 1, 2 and 3 as they appear.
4" x 3" Border design # 4, 5 and 3 as they appear.

Two samples of plates painted. Photoshop produced.

Here are some samples of plates I produce for a project a few years ago.

Painting is simple, just spray paint the complete plate in any color you like. Wait for it to dry and then buff off the paint from the embossed parts with 500-600 grit wet and dry paper. This is best done with a hard wood block. If you mess it up or don't like the color, no problem. Just soak in Acetone clean off the paint and start again.

Fixing your plate to your plaque, it can be glued in place or you can use thin two sided tape.

Placing a order. Please e-mail your size order as soon as possible so I can plan the layout of my artwork. Follow this with your design artwork or information text and border if I am designing for you.

Personal designed artwork required no latter than October 12, 2009
Text and border information required no later than October 5, 2009

Full payment for plates is required to confirm order. You may cancel order up until I supply the artwork to the photo-etch company for a full refund less my design fee, if I have sent you a sample for proof reading.

Invoices will be mailed once I have received your order. These must be paid before your plate goes to the photo-etch company. A payment date will be noted on the invoice.

I estimate these will be ready to ship to you four weeks after I place the order. No work on my part other than packing them, so no delays.


6th Scale Icons Inc. is dedicated to producing accurately scaled products.
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