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    My little train!

    Which train show did you go to last summer?
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    Making my 3D designs available on Cults

    Will you be having more Kettenkrad parts? Bob
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    Making my 3D designs available on Cults

    I have downloaded three of the Kettenkrad parts (valve cover, manifold, and starter). Easy to purchase and print. Parts came out great. Thanks. Bob
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    1:6 US Army T29 107MM self-propelled mortar

    Fantastic piece. The guys in action really set it off. Bob
  5. R

    M4 priest self propelled howitzer

    Holy Cow! That thing looks real! Bob
  6. R

    Project Atlantic Wall, Normandie, june 5th 1944

    Excellent job. Liked this one very much.
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    Garand Thumb

    Leonard, My father was in the 1st Cav in the Army. He was at Chosin, also. Bob
  8. R

    Garand Thumb

    My father fought in Korea and told me many times of how thsn happened to him. Thanks for posting. Bob
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    SAG board going down for a bit.

    Reese, Just saw this today. Glad you are giving it another go. Will send what I can. Bob
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    Another Opel Truck

    Thanks. I couldn't see them in the photos. I have one of these and I know it is next to impossible to glue anything to the surface because of the texture.
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    Another Opel Truck

    Just came across this post. Have a couple of questions - How did you attach the pieces to the fenders? I am assuming you glued them. What kind of glue did you use? Thanks, Bob
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    Interest IN GPA

    I would like to see a Hetzer or Universal Carrier. Both are pretty much flat-sided. Bob
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    SdKfz 250 Project

    Thanks, guys, for all the kind words. The build is slowing down due to my wife's mother's ill health. She has heart issues. Her parents are in their mid 80's and live about 75 miles away. We go there quite often to take care of them. The hinges came from: Nelsonhobby.com John Desilits They...
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    SdKfz 250 Project

    Thanks guys. Bob
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    Project - 'Deadly intent'

    Fantastic display. Tells the stories of some of the unsung heroes (or villains, depending on which side you are on).) Thanks for sharing. Bob
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    SdKfz 250 Project

    I still have the paper cut-outs I used. I can send them to you if you want them? Send me a PM with your address. I got the design from a Russian site where some guys are doing a restore of a 250. They posted a couple of good shots of these parts. Bob
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    SdKfz 250 Project

    Just wanted to see what it all looked like so far. One thing I have learned is just how small and cramped this thing must have been!
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    SdKfz 250 Project

    Did some work for the track tension arms . I started out making a paper stencil of the tension arm cover. The little silver dots are press-on dots I use to simulate rivets or nuts. I only made the parts that are actually visible. I didn't make the complete back of the arms since they can't...
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    Who made the custom US 37mm ammo crates?

    That would be Kim, AKA greatplains27. He made several for me quite some time ago. He printed them on balsa wood and had to be cut out and glued. They look fantastic and are a great addition to my Pacific Marines dio. Bob