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  1. tankme

    Minialand Ford GPA

    The size and number of print lines will vary depending on what settings a person uses. The higher the resolution, the longer it takes to print. With pretty much any FDM printing, there will be a measure of sanding and filling to do as post processing of the printed parts. Resin printers leave...
  2. tankme

    The 1:6 scale US M10 tank destroyer

    I agree. It is very detailed.
  3. tankme

    KV-1 3D Printed

    Thanks, Bob. Spent a bunch more time on it last night trying to attach the front fender supports and the ribs running the length of the underside of the fenders. Lots of glue and clamping. Also got the TPU tires printed for the support rollers. By the end of the day today I will have almost...
  4. tankme

    KV-1 3D Printed

    Got a bit more printing done and a bit more assembly. I still have over a week of printing tracks before I will have a full set, but they are looking good. Need to source some pins though. Right now they are just friction fit. Still lots of post processing work to do. Finished up assembly...
  5. tankme

    KV-1 3D Printed

    Still moving forward...got some of the lower hull stuff test fitted, got the handles bent up for the three fender mounted storage bins, printed some test track pieces and used them to align the sprockets. Those things are bigger than my fist and the tracks are ~4.5" (115mm) wide. Only another...
  6. tankme

    Dragon M4A3 build, help needed.

    Mr. Surfacer is good for small stuff, but for a 1/6th scale model I think you will be disappointed with the results. I just don't think they are coarse enough. Personally I would kinda do it like John from East Coast Armory. Use some glazing putty, apply it unevenly in the area you want...
  7. tankme

    KV-1 3D Printed

    Bob, I wouldn't even attempt to print something this big without a high speed printer. It would take....forever. I think 15 tracks will take it about 10 hours at a .12mm layer height. That is printing them cut in half down the center so that supports aren't needed. Derek
  8. tankme

    KV-1 3D Printed

    The future of this hobby is already here when a person like me with no CAD skills can download free models of a highly detailed 1/10th scale KV-1, upscale it to 1/6th scale (+166.57%), and print it. The files were designed by someone else so this tank is being produced for my own personal use...
  9. tankme

    Minialand Ford GPA

    MINIALAND has released another 3D printable vehicle. This time an RC Ford GPA that swims. Looks like a nice project for printing. I'm thinking it might need some attention from the printer once the KV-1 is done printing. https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/carrosserie-ford-gpa - main...
  10. tankme

    Hobby Can't be Dead

    I'm actually just getting back into 1/6th now that I have a 3D printer. I'm actually printing a 1/6th KV-1 I've scaled up from a 1/10 set of files I purchased. In it over 10kg of filament so far and I haven't even printed any tracks for it... :) I found a Dragon Sherman kit and bought all the...