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Search results

  1. siquisiri

    Panther tank sprocket and tracks help

    ill place for pic later!
  2. siquisiri

    Panther tank sprocket and tracks help

    me salia mas caro impremir todo que lo que me costaron las partes de foa.
  3. siquisiri

    Help with build..

    Does anyone have one of these 1/6 RC jimmy's? i need some info and measurements. Please let me know. Its for a project thank you
  4. siquisiri

    Panther tank sprocket and tracks help

    I Contacted foa a few weeks ago and bought the tracks and sprockets!!! I still need some weathering, but here is what i have!! Hope you like it
  5. siquisiri

    Panther tank sprocket and tracks help

    He doesnt have any more. F
  6. siquisiri

    Panther tank sprocket and tracks help

    I have an old battleground vehicles panther. But im missing the sprocket and tracks.. are their any options out there??? Please let me know. Thanks Frank
  7. siquisiri

    Fury crew

    Im not sure yet. For now ill leave it as is. I dont have the $$ for the easy 8 coming out.
  8. siquisiri

    Fury crew

    Thanks for the comments. The sgt is did, the gordo,grady, and nathan are ebay finds, and bible is an old repainted and resculpted dragon sculpt u found in one of my bins..
  9. siquisiri

    Fury crew

    1/6 Fury .. the tank is a wip. I broke down an old 21st century stuart years ago and transferred all the r/c system and running gear to a dml sherman body. It works, but I'm currently planning a complete redo of the chassis with correct tracks, etc... i threw in my fury crew for added fun...
  10. siquisiri

    New usa tanker set.

    Fyi, This is a full usa tanker set i found on ebay . Looks pretty good! https://www.ebay.com/itm/324473669542
  11. siquisiri

    Decal help on Faux leather jacket!!

    I need your expertise! I have a faux leather A2 jacket that i want to decorate the back of like in WW2. The plan was to use some of the decal transfer sheets they sell at Michael's. They make these sheets to use with cotton t shirts. I was going to print my design, then iron it on. BUT since...
  12. siquisiri

    DID Konig In hand pics..

    Just in case you where curious.....
  13. siquisiri

    A weekend of heroes 2020!!!!

    really?? i just cut and paste from their FB page!!
  14. siquisiri

    A weekend of heroes 2020!!!!

    Here are some of the vendors/sponsors so far, not bad!! Monkey Depot War Toys Merit International LTD Echo Base Toys Motion RC Pegasus Hobbies Horizon Hobby Toucanhobby American Aeronautical Foundation San Diego RC Tank Battles 1/6TH SCALE Vehicles Field of Armor 6th Scale Icons The Official...
  15. siquisiri

    A weekend of heroes 2020!!!!

    i found this on facebook, apparently its back this year!! October 9-10 at the Pomona Fairplex A Weekend of Heroes
  16. siquisiri

    New Product: DID Enemy at the Gates 2.0 figs

    Some new pics!!!!!
  17. siquisiri

    New Product:Alertline 1/6 WWII army officer Suit Set

    Re: New Product:Alertline 1/6 WWII army officer Suit Sets and not bad for the price! They are on pre order at Monkey Depot for $55.
  18. siquisiri

    New Product:Alertline 1/6 WWII U.S.Army Suit Set

    In case your wondering, monkey depot has these ul for $103 on pre order ,
  19. siquisiri

    New Product:Alertline 1/6 WWII army officer Suit Set

    New Product:Alertline 1/6 WWII army officer Suit Sets Sharing 2 new releases... Hobby galaxy has them priced on pre order for $53.99
  20. siquisiri

    Project: "CURRAHEE" - "Screaming Eagles" v's "Green Devils"

    Re: Project: "CURRAHEE" - "Screaming Eagles" v's "Green Devils" great work