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    21st Panzer Division in Normandy uniform question...

    As it turns out. Numerous Junior Officers and senior NCOs in ALL the regiments did wear the gray-green wraps. But it seems none of the EM did so. Their predominance in wear was the tan water-marsh camo hooded smocks (1st pattern) with splinter camo helmet covers and underneath the standard gray...
  2. L

    New usa tanker set.

    Meh. bummer. will have to pass on it. Thanks Bro cheers Fred!!
  3. L

    so where is?

    Hate to say it but great forums like this are a dying breed. Everything is happening in FB. I buy most of my stuff from dealers and vendors on FB. Everything is NOW there. cheers M
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    New usa tanker set.

    the tanker jacket is a hot mess. the pockets, as mentioned and the texture of the fabric used is way off. But the rest looks good to decent. will pick one up.
  5. L

    DML's return to 1/6th

    let the exotic requests commence..lol. come on folks, we all know what dragon is going to release already. it will be another several hundred german landsers and grenadiers coupled with a few GIs and perhaps a Brit or 2....LoL. peace Miguel
  6. L

    761st shoulder patch question

    Dragon screwed up on that Roscoe figure. The 630 TD Btl. was a white unit. IN FACT there were only 2 AA TD units within the dozens upon dozens of all white Tank Destroyer battalions...people seem to get confused with the distinct patch of a panther head with orange backdrop...thinking it's for...
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    Fj´s Officer, Tunisia 1943.

    beautiful figure. bravo!!
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    Fields of Armor / Loic Anthian

    wow. i can understand. all i can say is he does like to take his time fulfilling the orders. i've waited a couple of months for some orders. mind you all i buy is tank cupolas for bases on my custom tanker figures. he's been good at getting back to me when inquiring about my orders but it does...
  9. L

    DID Announces WW2 Rangers!!!

    That looks like a 1:1 assault vest. pretty sure it's not 1/6th as i don't see the ribbed straps..lol. peace Miguel
  10. L

    Digger Scout!!

    thanks guysfor the nice comments... will give that site a try.thank you Pangaea95 Yes it is the 21st century owen gun. i did a little work on it. namaste Miguel
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    Digger Scout!!

    Hello folks. i've pretty much given up on photobucket as it's become too tedious to post in forums these days. But here's something i did last year. It's a WW2 Aussie. Digger Scout!! "Aussie jungle patrol" Sergeant 25th Brigade 7th Division New Guinea 1943-44...
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    Looking for German WW2 Tank commander upgrades imformation please?

    Kurt Meyer wasn't a tank commander..he was a regimental and then divisional commander.
  13. L


    Just got my Owen sub from John. Fast seller. buy with confidence!!! namaste Miguel
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    Royal East Kent Regiment 1942

    fantastic figure! the base is great too. Miguel
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    Some of my 1st Marine Division figures I'm working on

    excellent figure. congrats! namaste Miguel
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    "Blue" Anti-tank rifleman

    Hola Friends here's something I did a couple of months ago. Based on the Famed Spaniard "Blue" division. Franco's volunteers in Russia sent as a gesture of gratitude to Hitler for his help during Spain's civil war during the 1930's. well here's Panzerbüchse 39 Gunner German 250th "Blue"...
  17. L

    Peiper, Third Battle of Kharkov, March 1943. Teaser

    your attention to detail is your hallmark jaime. namaste miguel
  18. L

    Buffalo Bazooka Joe

    Hi Amigos. Here's something I did recently for a friend of mine on FB. Always been interested in doing something on the 92nd Buffalo soldiers. Finally got around to that. Well here is a Buffalo Soldier, Corporal Bazookaman 370th Regimental combat Team 92nd Infantry Division Serchio Valley...
  19. L

    One Sixth Scale king

    i didn't want to air out the guy's personal issues, but from what i've been told it seems to go hand in hand with his business..if he's not feeling well he shuts down and ignores everyone. when better he starts up again...also he seems to have a favorites list of customers that he deals with the...
  20. L

    One Sixth Scale king

    that's the guy's MO dude. he's often mia. he stole my money in one transaction. as far as i know he has mental health issues, as i've been told. You're better off going to Patches of Pride.