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Search results

  1. inxsone

    Field of Armor Tanks

    Try messaging their Facebook account. If you bother them enough they respond.
  2. inxsone

    BA-64 Armored Car Kit

    Some more photos of the kit taped together to give perspective and compared to a 1/6 scale jeep.
  3. inxsone

    BA-64 Armored Car Kit

    That is actual a future project they have planned as well. Anyone wanting more info email Mike Pompa directly mpomp63@gmail.com
  4. inxsone

    BA-64 Armored Car Kit

    Just posting these photos of the cut sheets for "M & C Flat Armor's" new kit. Mike "Panzerjuan" Pompa asked me to post them to show the preliminary kits. They are waterjet cut 1/8 inch sheet styrene that go together with regular plastic model cement. I plan on picking one up myself as I am...
  5. inxsone

    1:6 marderII tank destroyer team

    WOW! Just WOW, beautiful set of vehicles.
  6. inxsone


    I've had numerous dealings with Len, fantastic guy all around. Always a pleasure.
  7. inxsone

    Who bought out Panzerwerks?

    I'd love to pick up the "Luchs" parts I need to finish my build and would love to get my hands on the T-34 running gear and tracks.
  8. inxsone

    Panzer II Guidance Please

    I modified the idler on the "B" model to resemble the "F". Wasn't hard to do and while it may not be perfect, it looks close enough. It wasn't hard to do at all with the existing idler that comes with the kit.
  9. inxsone

    1/6 Full built panther G tank completed

    Beautiful build throughout! Love the "Panzer Kitty" Commander.
  10. inxsone

    Does anyone recognize this "Firefly"

    I hear you, I plan on using East Coast Armory's tutorial to re-enforce the hull to make it easier to lift and move. Also have allot of John"s custom parts to use for the conversion. Just wish I had more time for this and other stuff.
  11. inxsone

    Does anyone recognize this "Firefly"

    In the process of converting a Viper Sherman into a Firefly. Slow process as with all my projects, never have any time.
  12. inxsone

    sdkfz 164 Nashorn

    Really amazingly detailed build. I wish I had that kind of patience.
  13. inxsone

    Anyone heard from Truescale Armor?

    Tracks come apart fairly easily just use a soft touch because they can crack. I repaired the ones that did with Plastruct Plastic Weld. Works ok on this material.
  14. inxsone

    Anyone heard from Truescale Armor?

    Everything is together and ready to go. No drilling prep. The bear was dis-assembling partially to repaint and add allot of my own detail. The vehicle is comparatively light but the plastic printed items are somewhat fragile. Had allot of breakage in shipping and I'm just 2 or 3 cities away from...
  15. inxsone

    Anyone heard from Truescale Armor?

    I have a Monkey Rabbit StuG. Nice and decently made. Definitely room for upgrades on it. Detail parts, running gear and tracks are 3D printed.
  16. inxsone

    Bringing Sixty's Dingo back to life

    VERY cool project!!!
  17. inxsone

    Board member pzrwest has passed away

    Always sad to hear such news, condolences to his Family...
  18. inxsone


    Miss seeing your projects John!
  19. inxsone

    Opel Blitz ScratchBuild

    WOW! Beautiful work...
  20. inxsone

    Early morning meeting

    EXCELLENT photos!!! Thanks for sharing.