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    12inch soldier?

    google search on "12inchsoldier.com" returns with the warning "This site may be hacked" message You'll see the message "This site may be hacked" when we believe a hacker might have changed some of the existing pages on the site or added new spam pages. If you visit the site, you could be...
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    Just received two MAS-36 rifles from Weylen, beautiful work! Thanks Weylen.
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    Passing Of Richard Pearman

    Sad news. I've never met Richard and Rhonda in person or even casually. They've both been kind and helpful anyway. A great loss and my best wishes to Richard's family. Now is the time when we dance in memoriam... Render Salute!
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    Italian 47mm gun questions?

    The only place I'd found for the ammo has been Twisting Toyz own website. http://www.twisting-toyz.com/inglese/news/scheda.php?lng=ENG&id=47 I understand that the metal clips are seats for the gun crew, but haven't figured out how to attach them.
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    US lower bodies!?!?!

    Back in the early/mid 70's as a tanker I was issued brown wool pants and heavy brown wool shirt as cold weather gear. They, along with the .45 and grease gun I'd been issued, had ww2 dates on them. I think this might be where hollywood come up with the brown pants as used in Combat!, Kelly's...
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    John's Stuff...Hello. Are you there?

    About a year or so ago now, he'd announced that his business was for sale.
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    Twisting Toyz Gone?

    Ok, it sounds like Cotswold has received enough orders to hold for now. "Dario" is now scheduled for 2Q 2010.
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    Twisting Toyz Gone?

    I've asked Cotswold for clarification about "Dario" no longer being listed. Last week it was shown as expected 4Q of 2009, now it's just gone. Yeah, now that you've mentioned it, they also show most TT on sale. Sad if they are going away.
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    Twisting Toyz Gone?

    Cotswold no lists "Dario" for preorder, not a good sign. Has anyone heard anything?
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    Where's metalbox?

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    Whoo Hoo, a Welbike!!

    http://www.gijoeelite.com/f_itemPart.asp?strPart=GITMO-WEL No relationship to the seller.
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    US Para with C-47 Section?

    Thanks guys, found one and he's on the way now.
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    US Para with C-47 Section?

    That's the very one!! Thanks very much.
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    US Para with C-47 Section?

    Does anyone here recall which figure this is? I'm pretty sure it's Dragon, but it doesn't appear in their archives. Thanks once again.
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    CH German Military Wheel Sets question

    Ya know, I believe that's it!! I do have that gun with the rubber tires, but discarded the idea due to the difference in diameter. But it now looks like these might just be right. Thanks very much.
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    CH German Military Wheel Sets question

    *Sigh*, that's pretty much what I was afraid of. Thanks much. Guess I'll just throw them in a cart for cargo.
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    CH German Military Wheel Sets question

    What do these go on!!?? These are the wood spoke wheels. I'd avoided these at the high price that was being expected but found a set for a decent price. They're too large for the various carts and arty, and too small for the field kitchen (which doesn't need any anyway). TIA
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    1/6 Cushman Model 53 Airborne Scooter found

    Yeh, he does (did?) both BMWs and Zundapps in metal. The trailer came from somewhere else, don't recall where. I just threw it on since it needed to be somewhere.
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    1/6 Cushman Model 53 Airborne Scooter found

    Here's some quick links for reference: Actually more then I thought I'd find. http://www.afrikakorps.org/searchlights.htm...
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    How accurate is Cyber Hobby Ambush at Poteau?

    Yeh, I'm passing on this. Saturday I watched a complete set offered on ebay, including a full and separate CH display base for all the figures, fail to attract a single bit for USD405 shipped.