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  1. Germanbilly1

    New board comming soon - good news

    Looking good, I'm still around and still visit the board. I sure do miss building and the research involved. Thanks for all the work you are doing. Germanbilly
  2. Germanbilly1

    Dubois Military Museum.

    We found this museum in Dubois WY about 60 miles from Jackson WY in the Wind River Valley the first week of June while on a RV outing to Jackson WY. It is just so Big it takes days to see it all. The Korean and Vietnam sections were not open yet. Free for Vets. "dubois wy military vehicles...
  3. Germanbilly1

    fear frightening Flak 36 88mm Gun

    That build is above and beyond, I hope the first build went to a museum as it was so perfect. GB
  4. Germanbilly1


    Met The Sarge at one of the shows years ago and we talked foe quit a while. Have a great picture of Him with His arm around my neck. Sure was a suprise. Will be Missed for sure Rest In Peace, GB
  5. Germanbilly1

    Has the hobby really come to this

    Wish these had been around when I was putting the guys together, would have saved on stuffing the socks in to give them a more tough guy look. GB :rock::rock:
  6. Germanbilly1

    One Happy Joe, xmas posting.

    A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. To all the great Guys who helped me over the many years here. :!: Thank You GB
  7. Germanbilly1

    Tiger 1 crewman

    I just looked through all your figures and must say some Very Nice Work!! The detail and the bases make them really stand out. Thanks for posting them. GB
  8. Germanbilly1

    OSF Expo 2007 10 Year Anniversary

    Had a great time at the show and the best part was meeting everyone. I still have the orginal poster and patch. The best part was taking 3 awards home which are still on display back in the War Room along with the new ones for the THINGS. Thanks for posting and yes it was a while back but seems...
  9. Germanbilly1

    1:6 nashorn 88 mm self-propelled guns

    A great build, as one who built one of the first FOA Nashorns I can relate to your problems. I know that they have taken care of the early problems with the road wheels and armor. That is one Very Nice Nashorn that you have built. Looks perfect. GB
  10. Germanbilly1

    For all you Marder Owners

    I used the 21st just cleaned it up and took the seams out. I think it turned out great. GB
  11. Germanbilly1

    Here are a few pictures of the Bf 109 http://www.sixtharmygroup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2775

    Here are a few pictures of the Bf 109 http://www.sixtharmygroup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2775
  12. Germanbilly1

    The Somme....then and now

    Thanks Dick, Great film, have walked many of the roads there. Still find things laying around from the War. GB
  13. Germanbilly1


    Perfect as usual, really a nice job on the weathering. GB
  14. Germanbilly1

    The Incredible Story of WW I Christmas Truce

    http://www.guns.com/2016/12/22/the-incredible-story-of-the-christmas-truce-of-world-war-i-video/ Merry Christmas GB
  15. Germanbilly1

    RAYO (100 Guns), 1/72 scale, Battle of Trafalgar, 1805

    Now that is a Prize for any collection. GB
  16. Germanbilly1

    Does anybody know how to make tires

    Check these trends on tires . GB http://www.sixtharmygroup.com/forums/search.php?searchid=514861
  17. Germanbilly1

    Armortek PaK 43

    Another one for the Museum, Great Job. GB
  18. Germanbilly1

    Inside the Chieftains hatch: Panther A

    Thanks, sure enjoyed watching these. GB
  19. Germanbilly1

    Another New Playtoy

    But they are sure fun to shoot and I can afford one don't have to deal with the Republic of Kalifornia "YET" GB
  20. Germanbilly1

    Another New Playtoy

    K98 sling fits and here is were I got the pouches for mine. I made some wooden ones to fill them out. GB http://www.totls.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=52&Itemid=52