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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    G'day all, Just another quick update on the bicycle scene which is only half of the scene in-fact as foreground will be a requisitioned French box cart turned ration wagon (such is the intent). With the bicycle-pushing fusiliers done, thus completing that aspect of this particular diorama, it's...
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    A collection of SDFKZ251 and 250 half-tracked armored vehicles

    WOW...most gobsmacking and the detail is such that in some of those shots it's as if I'm looking at a real one...fantactic work all-round and thanks for sharing. Steve
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    G'day all and thanks muchly 'MP38' for your kind comments. Just a quick update on the bicycles in that they are now done (onto the five figures that'll push them). I wanted each bike to have a certain individuality to it which the stowage definitely brings. Will send a couple of update pics with...
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    RIP "Oddball"

    G’day all, Just a quick figure post honouring the late-great Canadian actor Donald Sutherland. Not too sure how media credited his long career elsewhere in the world but over here in Oz it was largely by way of his role in The Hunger Games movie series. I guess this is to make his sad loss...
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    SDKFZ250 semi-tracked armored vehicle cluster

    'Gobsmacked', 'wow', 'fantabolous'...nope, just can't find the words to convey just how superb those vehicle models, and their interiors, be but suffice to say I'm most impressed by your work, can't wait to see them with the exterior livery applied. That would've taken quite a bit of time not...
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    The DML bicycles are all of a similar colour but I've chosen to repaint them in a more olive green than 'panzer' grey based on some pics of surviving examples and whilst I've been keen to paint/detail a bicycle or two for years, I have also been dreading such a project but now that I'm well into...
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    G'day all and just a quick note of big thanks to all the responses I've received thus far and whilst I always enjoy the builds (some frustratingly so), this past weeks' 80th commemorations has provided me the extra 'fuel' needed to push on and push on I have, with push bikes. For those D-Day...
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    Work in progress Polish infantryman, 1939

    That would surely be an additional challenge detail and part-wise but imagine the endstate of having a mounted figure posed next to your foot soldier?. Cheers, Steve
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    80th Anniversary of D-Day coming. My first photoshoot Omaha Beach 20 years ago.

    Haha, hey that's great stuff 'Toysurgeon' and to think way before I committed myself to recreating Omaha for the 80th Anniversary milestone of D-Day that someone had strove likewise 20 years prior (and on an actual beach). Kudos also given you did not have the benefit of the advanced figure...
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    Finally, some solo figures representing a young LCVP driver (I'd love to put together a British RN equivalent given British LCAs brought-in the Rangers but hard to find the right parts to do so), second, a member of the unfortunate 741st Tank Battalion carries over his arm a standard life vest...
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    Next, a couple of figures - one U.S. Army engineer and one USN Naval Combat Demolition Unit (NCDU) - combined they made up some 33 Gap Assault Teams whose job it was to clear a pathway for the follow-on armour and units. Unfortunately, on that morning, many casualties to the teams were incurred...
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    G'day all, Has been awhile and I hope everyone on SAG is coping with the highs and lows, the ebb and flows of all that is life, and in the context, that of building 1/6th scale figures. Just a quick update on my on-going tribute to this the 80th Anniversary of D-Day (coming up in a week or so)...
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    Work in progress Polish infantryman, 1939

    Very nice WIP indeed with regards to the detailing and grand to see one of the lesser-known WW2 armies represented (well, in terms of model work) . Just wondering Jacob if this'll lead to a famed mounted Lancer build in the future. Thanks for sharing, Steve
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    Yes, I wasn't too sure either until reading further into the H&C book 'Spearheading D-Day' which covers the Projector in fine detail. The grapnel, launcher and rope box were the best bits of Hasbro's 2001 D-Day release - U.S. Ranger circa Pointe du Hoc in terms of detail. Still relatively easy...
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    Almost forgot...the two figs displaying both sides of the assault jacket.
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    And the J-Projector.
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    Cheers muchly 'Sixth', now onto the Provisional Ranger Group consisting of the 2nd and 5th Ranger battalions which were modelled on the British commandoes in terms of training and effect though these models are largely DML with a few add-ons by 'Facepool' and 'DiD'. Two of the scenes centre on...
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    G'day all, Been a few weeks with a bit of figure build here and there in terms of the specialist units that supported the U.S. landings of Omaha and Utah as well as the Ranger battalions (2nd and 5th), I'll be posting them throughout the week but here's a couple of pics of a mine-clearing...
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    RC RSO

    Such superb craftsmanship in every regard, looking forward to seeing the final result of this unusual German vehicle. Thanks for sharing, Steve
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    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    Thanks very muchly Squidley. It was the variety in terms of equipment carried by an ABT and the poses necessary to convey the intensity and chaos that kept this build fresh for me in terms of figure assemblage though there was the tedium of uniform/shoe and legging fitting and matching of combat...