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  1. The_Dutchman

    Is ThePanzerTrap still in business?

    I think you need to contact Tim Bowman: https://www.sixtharmygroup.com/forums/index.php?threads/trying-to-contact-owner-of-thepanzertrap-com.23571/#post-205653 Don't know what his alias is on this forum...
  2. The_Dutchman

    It’s been a long time

    Welcome back Jack. Didn't you sell metal german food containers in the past?
  3. The_Dutchman

    Making my way back to you

    Welcome back!
  4. The_Dutchman

    Work in progress Polish infantryman, 1939

    That looks really nice!
  5. The_Dutchman

    3D printed RC tanks by Warprints

    Here is his website: https://www.warprints.xyz/product-category/stl-files/scale-16-stl/
  6. The_Dutchman

    New member

    Welcome Bender!
  7. The_Dutchman

    Is there a source for 1/6th scale tartan cloth?

    Try this: https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/206568-1-6-scale-tartans-other-doll-scale-designs-by-weavingmajor
  8. The_Dutchman

    Field kitchen II

    Looks marvellous Jordi!
  9. The_Dutchman

    SdKfz 250 project

    No plans to make it RC. The resin I used to print the tracks is too weak to be used for RC. There are better resins that may hold up, but they are really expensive.
  10. The_Dutchman

    SdKfz 250 project

    Much of a vehicle's or tank's look is defined by the wheels or tracks and the stock tracks were always an eye sore to me. So I deciced to create my own tracks. Also the kit came with two left hand sprocket wheels. Not sure if it's a common problem with this kit, but the sprocket wheels dictate...
  11. The_Dutchman

    SdKfz 250 project

    With some more spare time available for the hobby, I've decided to finally finish a project that I started back in 2013 (!): an Armour Hobbies Sd.Kfz 250. Back in 2013, a company called Panzerwerks sold 1/6 parts to customize and improve the basic AH kit and I puchased some items of them...
  12. The_Dutchman

    Please allow me to introduce myself

    Cool video of the neberlwerfer!
  13. The_Dutchman

    Reworked Sdkfz 250/8 Neu

    Looks great! Are those PanzerWerks tracklinks?
  14. The_Dutchman

    Please allow me to introduce myself

    Welcome to SAG. Could you please post a link to the nebelwerfer firing?
  15. The_Dutchman

    Field kitchen II

    If anyone needs the 3 data plates for the Fieldkitchen, I can supply them for a cost of € 4 plus postage. And I'll send you two sets just in case you mess one up... The best way to apply these is by using some very thin (1/24 inch or 1mm) styrene sheet (painted black) and then apply the decals.
  16. The_Dutchman


    Welcome to SAG!
  17. The_Dutchman

    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    Thanks Steve, I'll check it out!
  18. The_Dutchman

    PAK 36 Build

    Sorry to read your troubles, hope you're on the mend now. Nice work on the breech! BTW: the new forum allows for bigger pictures, which helps those (like me) with mediocre eye-sight...
  19. The_Dutchman

    Field kitchen II

    That is a good looking fieldkitchen!
  20. The_Dutchman

    Project - 'D-Day spearhead'

    Hi Steve, I'm also in the proces of getting the full SPQ squad together, also using a mix of DML and Facepool figures and loose items so I'll keep an eye on this thread. Quick question for you: what did you use to write BROOKLYN in the jacket? Cheers, Randall