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Search results

  1. J

    Hello All. New Member Here.

    Welcome aboard. thanks for your service-my son was in Iraq as well 2008-medical D/C. john
  2. J

    Tony Barton

    Feel better Tony-all the best from over here john
  3. J

    Painting and Related materials

    as far as paints go-I use Vallejo paint and pigments, some Tamiya and AK(airbrush only),use an airbrush or brush depending on the job. sometimes I use an old fashioned "rattle can" of testors spray paint. always use aves epoxy to fill holes etc. jg62464
  4. J

    More of the 1KD

    awesome stuff-great photo shoot john
  5. J

    NewLine Miniatures

    Trilla I have ordered a few things direct from newline-I always thought it was great stuff-email response I can not speak to-also the few e-tailers out there usually have their stuff. jg62464
  6. J

    stupid question

    agree with panzerwest keep asking the questions! john
  7. J

    We visit the Young Marines

    Love to see young kids learn history and maybe get involved in 1/6 world greatstuff Hammer jg62464
  8. J


    Re: luigizubi sorry miss spelled handle. jg62464
  9. J


    Just completed a sale with luigibrizi-all went extremely well-always concerned about shipping overseas-however went great jg62464
  10. J

    Original Paintbrush

    Recently completed sale with Original Paintbrush-good man to deal with! All went extremely well.
  11. J

    New Vonabt shoot - WWII Op Varsity, British & US Airborne stand togther

    Absolutely amazing as always-you guys rock as always! jg62464
  12. J

    How about a Rummage sale?

    I would be up for this! sounds like it could be interesting. john
  13. J

    Sixth Scale Icons Update !

    awesome news! always loved mike's stuff-thanks FOA john
  14. J

    German uniform question

    as far as the eagle-it goes on the arm for ss troops and on the breast for regular heer troops. the wound badge is generally on the lower part of the left breast pocket either on the right or left side of the pocket depending on other battle insignia awarded.-hope this helps john
  15. J


    great work from doug-well made hand painted top notch quality.-very durable and lightweight. highly recommended. john
  16. J

    dougmo's walls

    Great stuff from doug-strong sturdy and lightweight. great for small scale dios. look great on the shelf. john
  17. J

    Dougmo's walls, bases and roads

    I purchased the ruined European wall-very well detailed-very light weight and will look great on my shelf great height for a dio. highly recommend dougs stuff john
  18. J

    Dougmo's walls, bases and roads

    just bought a bunch of Doug's walls received them in the mail today. they are truly amazing WORKS OF ART!! If you need dio backdrops these are the ticket. john
  19. J

    Mike Stannard - Rest Well

    Rest In Peace Mike. You will be missed. john
  20. J

    New 1/6th scale items from Jack Yang!

    Hello Everyone just got my box fron jack-great stuff little works of art-if you were waiting to order-I would not-get it while you can or regret later. Thanks Jack keep the stuff coming! john