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6th Scale Icons Inc. Catalog Update


Company Commander
Hi Guys

My on line catalog is now fully updated and available for download as PDF files. Download time for all sections is about 15 to 20 minutes. The quick guides to parts are also available at the same link.

Downloads at: http://www.afceremonials.com/catalog-pages/

There have been several changes to the catalog sections and price list. The catalog sections now have many new pictures of products . There are a few price increases to the Panther Series.

This catalog will be good for the next year or so with only minor changes as new and pending products are produced.

The major change to the catalog is the inclusion 6S as a prefix to all my parts numbers. This is to avoid confusion with other parts being offered on the web using similar parts numbers to mine. In the future all reference to my parts will have the 6S prefix (6th Scale Icons Inc.). Note that my invoices will not have the 6S prefix for a while as to change my database files of 699 items will take valuable time I need at the moment to work on orders.

As of this post any items deemed to be my products by similar part numbers or pictures sold by other companies will not receive my after sales service or qualify for refunds from 6th Scale Icons Inc. Third party sales by individuals are okay, if you are concerned about parts being offered in this secondary market you are welcome to contact me, I can easily confirm if these parts are my original productions.

Catalog downloads.
01-6th Scale Icons Intro.pdf 5 pages
02-Price List 03-31-2011.pdf 9 pages
03-Tiger Series 03-28-11.pdf 10 pages (Tiger 1, Tiger 2, Jagdtiger and Sturmtiger)
04-Panther Series 03-30-11.pdf 5 pages (Panther, Jagdpanter and Bergepanther)
05-Panzer IV Series 02-14-11.pdf 3 pages (Panzer IV, Stug III and Stug IV)
06-Panzer III Series 02-31-11.pdf 4 pages (Panzer III, Stug III and SIG 33)
07-Gen AFV Acc's 02-29-11.pdf 4 pages (General parts for many tanks and AFV's)
08-H'tracks & Wheeled Afv's 02-14-11.pdf 3 pages (Sdkfz 222, 250 series, 251 series and others)
09-Ammo & Acc's 02-30-11.pdf 3 pages (88 mm Ammunition, Decals and Carriers)
10-ID Flags 02-14-11.pdf 1 page ( Large and small ID Flags for tanks and AFV's)
11-Deck Wheels Zim 02-14-11.pdf 1 page (Decking sheets, Wheels and Zimerite Tools)
12-Flak & Goliath Trailer 02-20-11.pdf 2 page (Flak 38 and Goliath Trailers)

Mike Stannard sadly passed away in 2014:

Field of Armor purchased his product line from his estate:

A word of caution: FOA has been critisized for very late or not delivering ordered parts as mentioned in these threads inThe Cooler:

So buyer beware!

If you are on FB: there's a guy who just scratch built a Goliath trailer: https://www.facebook.com/groups/923610191092950/user/703657540
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