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A collection of SDFKZ251 and 250 half-tracked armored vehicles


The production of the SDFKZ251 and 250 half-tracked armored vehicles was finally completed, equiped my five panzergrenadier squads, and the next job was to paint the camouflage:D:D


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They looks great.
How did you do it?
Are these some kits or scratchbuild?
All the structure of the car body needs to be 3D model, CAD software to draw drawings, let the machine cut the flat structure of plastic board or acrylic material for the assembly of the car body, other parts mainly rely on 3D printing technology, I will use a lot of metal parts for structural reinforcement
WOW...most gobsmacking and the detail is such that in some of those shots it's as if I'm looking at a real one...fantactic work all-round and thanks for sharing. Steve