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Fields of Armor 88mm gun

Hammer's Africaners

First Sergeant
Private Scmidt has just been assigned to begin working on the new 88mm gun for his unit.


What the instructions are in English!

The Sergeant says I will need to use a left handed L shaped crescent wrench and go to the tool room and get one.

He also said I would need a can of radio squelch to fill up the tires. Were will I find that? Oh he said go to the mess hall to get some.

Well I can make or fix anything with a BFH.
(Big f**king Hammer)

Better get to work or I will lose my weekend pass.

Here's my progress so far, just a few photos.










Haven't started yet on the Trailer sections.
Lots of parts to go.




Lots of work ahead.
Will keep you updated, thanks for looking.

I've seen these on their FoA site and in two minds about getting one (though probably wait 'til the USD and AUD sort of even out a bit) so I'll be keeping a keen eye on this build and the pros and cons to it...good luck and looking forward to seeing how it all turns out...enjoy, Steve
Looking good. Did you order it with the trailer option? Am assuming it will be completed in North African campaign color scheme.

Looking good. Did you order it with the trailer option? Am assuming it will be completed in North African campaign color scheme.


The trailer comes with kit, shield has to be ordered separate, which I ordered also. I don't think you can order it without the trailer, wouldn't hurt to ask them.

She will be painted dark gray first, treated with rubber cement then a desert sand. Then rub off the points/parts with rubber cement to get a sand blasted weathered look.
Checked the websete again and it looks like it can be purchased in two ways, a complete kit with the trailer unit and as two separate kits with the trailer as an option.

Haven't heard of the rubber cement method for showing weathering so will be very interested in seeing the future posts of the weathering process.

Rubber cement weathering, can't say I've heard of that process before...please tell me more. Also, how long did it take SoA to get the kit out to you?...reason I ask is that I've got two Goliath trailers ordered and paid for back in Feb but yet to receive them. Cheers, Steve
Well you've inspired me 'Hammer', I'm now the proud owner of a kit-form 'Field of Armor' '88 with standard shield and chain sets but minus the trailers which I'll get at a later date. This will be a next year job given I've still several models on the go for this year's ScaleACT which I'm hoping, despite the current COVID situation, will still go ahead...time and common sense pending. Cheers for the inspiration, Steve
Surely will do, thanks for the offer and I'll respond likewise should we both find something similar that needs sorting however, judging from the instruction manual, she looks pretty easy to put together but time will tell. I'll be doing mine up in Afrika Korps livery in the A/T role given w/crew. I'm looking at Wehrmacht firepower next year and several A/T guns will feature so the '88 and its much-feared reputation against Allied armour will feature highly amongst the various vignettes for next year. Cheers and thanks for the cudos, Steve
How much is this kit may I ask?

Only thing I see is end of barrel looks a tad bent, or could be as not glued in yet.
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This link will give you all the costings in USD. Given I live in Australia and at the time of purchase it was around 65c USD for every AUD (slightly better rates at the moment) however there was no point dilly-dallying so I just bit the bullet...but, when all is said and done, I'm sure it'll be worth it come the finished product...if only model kits came with free time?

Cheers, Steve