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It’s been a long time


Hello everyone,
It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been able to get back to 1/6th. I was here on this board quite a bit back in the early days selling bits and pieces of stuff but a whole lot of life got in the way and I had to pack everything up and put it in storage. I’ve moved 5 times since then and I’ve finally been able to get all my stuff together in one place again. I’m excited to be back in 1/6th and I’m happy to see this board still up and running. I have a lot of 1/6 stuff I’m sorting through and would probably be up to offering up some things for sale. What I am doing is getting back into manufacturing 1/6 items and I’m excited to say that I will be starting up a toy company called Action Jack Toys that will offering 1/6th scale motorized, finely detailed figures and vehicles that function and look like the real thing. Looking forward to showing you all my results. Thank you and have a nice day.

Warmest regards

Jack Yang
Welcome back. The landscape has changed a bit since then. Seems to be less of us around these days, but we do get newer members into the hobby from time to time.
It’s been so long I can’t remember where to post what so please be patient with me. I’m offering:

RC Stuart track links that are in polyurethane resin mixed with metal powder for the links and polyurethane rubber for the tracks. Comes with a lifetime warranty and 10 extra links and pads. Includes wheel hole plugs and wheel slit covers. Full kit $300, hole plugs $33.

Headsculpts $25
Bernard Montgomery
Benito Mussolini
Steve McQueen from Sand Pebbles

Working on duckbills, grousers, a fully functional track link set, new M5 Stuart designed like the real thing with detailed interior and the motors relocated to the rear and replaced with Tamiya 3 speed bruiser transmissions. 12V motors. Option for smoke generator system. Option to make different versions of the Stuart using the same lower hull. Every aspect of the tank will function and look like the real one and it will have optional airsoft firing cannon with butane ignition to give it an extra added bit of realism! The periscopes will work and rotate and have mirrors molded into the lenses so you can actually see through them. So many more cool things I can’t name them all!

Willys Jeep with 3 speed Tamiya transmission. 12V motor. Can shift from 2L,2H, and 4WD. All the bells and whistles made in durable polyurethane resin and rubber. Option for smoke generator system. Completely photo accurate to the real jeep.

Fully functional and controllable RC horse! She will move and be able to switch between walk and trot and gallop. Gyro inside the body to stabilize. Head will move up and down/left and right. Tail and ears will move. Will have spring loaded legs and anti tilt system for added stability. Can be connected to RC action figure!

RC action figure! Head will move up/down, left/right. Arms rotate, torso rotate, legs rotate at hips, can option to make stand up/sit down. Working on eye rotation and jaw movement.

Volkswagen Beetle type 87 with 4WD. 9.4V motor. Working windows, lights, opening doors, hood and engine bay door. Will have a spinning engine for looks. Option for smoke generator system.

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen. 4WD drivable in the water with working propeller. 9.4V motor with optional smoke generator system.

Kubelwagen with the same basis as the beetle.

M8 greyhound
Sdkfz 222/223
BMW motorcycle with sidecar
Harley Davison motorcycle with sidecar
1941 Ford Coupe

I’ve included some pics I took recently while I’ve been sorting through my stuff. My jeep, my Stuart tracks and engine relocation, the new track design, the grousers, the duckbill design mock setup, the hole plugs, and headsculpts. I hope you guys like what I’m coming up with. Anything else comes to mind that you’re wanting to see in 1/6 please feel free to let me know! Thank you for looking!


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Here are some more pictures. It won’t let me load my Stuart engine relocation pic it’s too big


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That's a wide range of parts and vehicles and must be taking up a lot of time to put this all together. The quality looks great and looking forward to having a supplier of your caliber as a new source for parts and vehicles.
That's a wide range of parts and vehicles and must be taking up a lot of time to put this all together. The quality looks great and looking forward to having a supplier of your caliber as a new source for parts and vehicles.
Thank you for liking the quality of my work! I’m devoting all of my time to this. I got really fed up with wanting things in 1/6 and not having anyone make a good quality version that can not only be detailed but hold up to terrain. I am a stickler for detail and at this scale there’s just no excuse for vehicles to have details not function. The type of resin I’m using is the key to the whole thing. It has a very long pot time (13-14mins) and when combined with a certain amount of atomized aluminum powder it creates the most amazing durable resin that looks like metal. The specs on the material are:
Linear Shrinkage: 0.0002 in/in
Heat Deflection Temp.: 173°F
Tensile Strength: 5,850 psi
Flexural Strength, 5% Strain: 6,900 psi
Compressive Strength: 8,800 psi
With this I can cast just about anything and have it hold up to wear and tear. If it gets scuffed it looks like scuffed grey metal instead of yellow resin underneath. I’m excited to show you all the things I’ve made. I was in the middle of making quite a few different vehicles when I had to take a break. Now I’m back and I have all the stuff and time to finish what I started.
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A while back I purchased a couple of your German food containers. I really liked them. Didn't you also make USA food containers?
A while back I purchased a couple of your German food containers. I really liked them. Didn't you also make USA food containers?
Hi Bob yeah that was me. I never got around to making the USA food containers though. Would there be any interest in those if I made them?